K-TOR Power Box Gives You Free Electricity, But You’ll Have To Pedal For It

having a utility bill crunch? yeah, who doesn’t when there’s like a dozen gadgets to keep juice all the time? if that’s the case, then you may need a device like the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Generator. from the maker who latter brought you the K-TOR hand-crank generator, the Box Pedal Generator lets you generate […]

K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 Hand Crank Generator

if i were overly obsessed about my gadgets running out of juice, i would most certainly have with me (1) the whole charger, (2) at least a portable battery, and (3) a K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 Hand Crank Generator. the ‘whole charger’ for situations where i have access to wall outlets and the portable battery (or batteries) for situations where