Only In Japan: Godiva Teamed With Lawson To Release Godiva Beef Curry Bread

Think Godiva, immediately the image of luxury chocolate comes to mind, and not food like bread or curry because, after all, Godiva is chocolate and pretty much anything related to just chocolate – ice cream, included. But as it turns out bread and curry are exactly what Godiva’s latest product are about.

Lawson Inc. Testing Out Robot That Serves Up Freshly Fried Chicken

Discerning foodies will rather not eat food dispensed by a machine because of the questionable ‘freshness’. If you belong to the aforementioned category of foodie, then perhaps Lawson Karaage-kun Robot might just change your mind. Might. For the initiated, Karaage is fried chicken in Japanese and so yeah, this machine is a robot that whips …