GameBender Is A Game Console That Lets You Hack Games To Learn Coding

The word “wacky” is never associated with video game console, but here it is, a wacky video game console that has just surfaced in the market and it is called GameBender. From the maker of wacky, fun and educational gadgets, Makey Makey, GameBender is a video game system that lets intentionally let you modify games […]

LEGO Star Wars STEM Kit Has The Droids You Are Looking For

LEGO has announced something that I personally didn’t see it coming (in a good way, that is). On Star Wars Day, LEGO announced the arrival of LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander. Yes. You heard that right. The marriage between LEGO’s line of STEM kits and everyone’s favorite sci-fi franchise, Star Wars. It seems like […]

LEGO Testing LEGO Braille Bricks To Help Visually Impaired Children Learn

Who would have thought that the world’s most famous toy bricks could be a useful learning tool for the visually impaired and the blind? I, for one, never imagine that, but here it is, the LEGO Braille Bricks, designed specifically to enable those with visual disability to learn to read Braille in a way traditional […]

Specdrums Put Music Creation At Your Fingertips, Turning Colors Into Sound

Taking notes and creating art have gone digital. Even creating music has gone digital which, obviously, is not everyone’s cuppa due to the lack tactile touch. If you like to tinker with music and absolutely embrace the lack of tactile sense, well then, we think Specdrums will be right up your alley. Specdrums go by […]

John Heisz Shows You The Power Of Paper Like You Never Seen Before

Everyone has paper cut on your digits at some point in life and so we do know that paper can hurt, albeit quiet superficially and certainly won’t warrant major medical attention. However, this particular video uploaded by YouTuber John Heisz AKA I Build It will let you see the power of paper in a whole […]

With Mogees Play, Even Watermelons Can Be Your Musical Instrument

If music is in your veins, then we are guessing you will feel the need to make music out of anything and creating music out of anything is exactly Mogees Play offers. All you need is your smartphone, the app and the soda-cap size sensor and you are all set to create music out of […]

A Short But Interesting Story Of The Origin Of The Power Button Symbol

When you are using electronic gadgets, did it ever occur to you how the power button symbol came about? It is safe to say we are accustomed to the familiar ‘broken circle and vertical stroke’ symbol and we’d forgive ourselves for taking it for granted. However, like most things in life, this humble symbol has […]

Cubit Makes Creating Electronics Project Super Easy with Zero Coding and No Soldering

Automatically turning on a conventional fan when the heat is up requires some form of automation, which you can do so with the available smart home system in the market. But why not do that and many other electronic projects which you may have in your mind, yourself? I know right. The coding just sting […]

Lockpick School in a Box Lets You Learn Lock Picking at Your Own Pace

Nobody likes to be locked out of their own home but if the unfortunate happens, getting back in is just a phone call away, which could mean calling your local locksmith or whoever has the spare to your home, or you can prepare yourself by picking up the lock picking skill with Lockpick School in […]

Codie: A Toy Robot That Teaches Your Kid The Fundamentals of Coding without Touching the Keyboard

Programming, or now better known as coding, isn’t the easiest of things to pick up. Students have to possess the right mindset, i.e. imagination, to begin with and obviously, not everyone can visualize what a string of command would do. I remember when I first started learning BASIC on those old Windows machines, I was […]