Lee Rosario Literally Takes ‘Amphibious’ To The Next Level Of High

I am sure you know what an ‘amphibious vehicle’ is. In the automotive world, it means a vehicle capable of traversing the water and land, and vice versa, seamlessly, but Lee Rosario’s Hyperlight Aeros takes the meaning of ‘amphibious’ to the next level of high. To be more precise, the designer’s concept of ‘amphibious’ is […]

Designer Dreamed Up A Gorgeous Bike Of The Future And It Is Lengthy!

We don’t dismiss the possibility that future motorcycles could hover, but for practicality’s sake, bikes of the future could look something more like the one in Tron – the reboot version, that is, or it could be look something like this, the Vultran Type 3 Concept Electric Motorcycle dreamed up by Orlando, Florida-based creative mind […]