Movado Outs Connect 2.0 Smartwatch With Latest Qualcomm Chip And 1 GB RAM

When it comes to smartwatch that does not look too geeky and somehow, Fossil’s wide portfolio does not appeal to you and you very much love to have Wear OS powering it, well then, you may want to look to American watchmaker’s new offering, Movado Connect 2.0.

Iconic Museum Dial Reimagined by Yves Behar, Lives on as Movado Edge Watch

Whenever there’s an iconic product being redesigned, we cringe and brace ourselves for the worst. That’s not to say we are pessimists; we thought the ‘qualities’ that made a product iconic cannot be easily replicated, much less surpassed, but I guess we are so wrong, as proven by the Movado Edge by Yves Behar (of […]