Ultimate Ears Now Lets You Customized The Look Of The BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speakers

You know how it is like. When a product becomes a norm, you kinda get a little too nonchalant about the product’s design. Like there is a sudden revelation that everything looks the same. Such is a problem that plagues Bluetooth speakers too. That said, how do an audio equipment maker stand out from the […]

POW Audio Mo Will Turn Your Phone Into A Proper Bluetooth Speaker

If you ever dream of turning your smartphone into a boombox of sort, POW Audio Mo Expandable Speaker may just be right up your alley. Mo is Bluetooth speaker designed to adhere to the back of your phone magnetically and expands to allow for fuller sound. Now, expandable Bluetooth speaker isn’t new, neither is Bluetooth […]

Check Out This New Bluetooth Speaker From Berlin-based Teufel

Berlin-based speaker company Teufel is relatively unknown outside of Europe (and China), but it ain’t no small fry. Teufel humble beginning started in 1979 selling loudspeaker DIY kits and components out of a store in Berlin, and the store made its first online sale, via email, as far back as 1985 – when Mr. T […]

Fluance Has A New Handsome Portable Speaker That’s Not A Bank-breaker

If you are in the market for a portable wireless speaker from a reputable brand and not burning a major hole in the wallet, then you may want to check this new offering from Fluance: the Fi20 High Performance Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speaker. As the product name suggests, this handsome little guy is blessed […]

Vineyard Vines Add Some Sweet Patterns To Already Super Cool DemerBox Waterproof Speakers

DemerBox has made a name in creating super dope-looking, nearly indestructible and waterproof Pelican case boombox. Vineyard Vines is NOT a vineyard. It is a lifestyle apparel brand (with vineyard lineage, no less) identified by its sweet smiling pink whale logo. The two brands have come together to introduce limited edition DemerBox waterproof speakers, featuring […]

Wrist-worn Bluetooth Speakers, Splicing USB Cable + Random Gift Ideas

Writers have writer’s block. A gifting person can sometimes have gifting block too. Sometimes, you really have no idea what to get for someone for whatever occasions. It is a dreadful thing, but not if we can help it. That said, here are a few cool gift ideas which you can use to defuse the […]

Cavalier Audio’s New Maverick Bluetooth Speaker Has Alexa Support

US-based premium audio brand Cavalier Audio has a cool-looking wireless speaker that has both Bluetooth and WiFi streaming capability, and Amazon Alexa Voice Control. The device is worthy of mention just because of the styling, but it is also worthy due to the fact that not many premium brands have hop onto the Alexa bandwagon, […]

Zulu Audio Is A Bluetooth Speakers That You Wear Over Your Neck

Some people gets really pumped when listening to music when running. But stuffing thing in or over the ears cuts the wearer out from the environment and that is dangerous. An alternative would be going for bone conduction technology, but if you don’t like frequency being drilled directly into your skull, Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth […]

This Bluetooth Speaker Leverages On Bottle To Create Resonance

The market is flooded with Bluetooth speakers, ranging from the cheap to the expensive, and in variety of shapes and sizes, but none touts sustainability like the Woori Elec. Cork Speaker does. Cork Speaker is, as the product name implies, a portable Bluetooth speaker designed to be plugged to the opening of an empty bottle. […]

Technics Takes A Break From Turntable With New Wireless Speaker System

Technics has, in recent years, established itself as the purveyor of turntables of sort, and so, when it unveiled a new “premium wireless speaker system” last week at the Munich High End Show 2018, we are kind of pleasantly surprised and as such, we are compelled to let you in on it. Called Technics OTTAVA […]