Dutch Scientists Created The World’s Smallest Autonomous Racing Drone

Here’s a breakthrough in drone technology developed by Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab) of TU Delft (Delft University of Technology). The scientists at MAVLab has created the world’s smallest autonomous racing drone that measures just 10 cm (3.94″) in diameter and weighs a mere 72g (2.54 oz), and yet capable of navigating itself through an […]

This Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter Is Actually A Functional Drone

Remember Adam Woodworth? The dude who made the Giant LEGO Plane that flies and also the insanely awesome NERF ball-shooting RC A-10? Well, he is back, this time with another giant flying LEGO: a scaled up LEGO helicopter from the LEGO 6396 International Jetport set from 1990. This thing is not the puny LEGO helicopter […]

Parrot Announced New ANAFI Drone Designed For Thermal Imaging

If you haven’t heard, Parrot is not just about exquisite headphones, sound system and remote control toys. It is also into commercial applications too and the Parrot ANAFI Thermal is the company’s latest in professional drone. The Parrot ANAFI Thermal is an ultra-compact and lightweight drone outfitted with thermal imaging hardware for, well, thermal imaging […]

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Lets You Fly In Iron Man’s Perspective

You heard of Tello? No? Well, it is a drone made by Shenzhen-based Ryze Tech, powered by DJI and touts Intel technology, that mixes both imaging and fun play. The drone was introduced earlier this year, but now, Tello has a new Iron Man-themed edition. Called Tello Iron Man Edition, it is essentially the same […]

We bet You Never Knew That Kodak Has A FPV Sport Drone

We bet most of you never knew Kodak has a drone under its portfolio too. Well, they sure do. The Kodak Riot 250R Pro Sport Drone is the said drone, sold through Thrust-UAV, a drone manufacturer that’s also an authorized Kodak brand licensee and a subsidiary of PCS Edventures!, a company that deals in K-12 […]

Here’s A Consumer-grade Mind-controlled Drone Money Can Buy

I am not sure how to begin, but here goes… This is UDrone, a so-called “mind-controlled” FPV drone, that lets you pilot a drone hands-free and has built-in gesture recognition. It has an onboard HD camera that takes photos by blinking of eyes (not quite the best idea for obvious reason, IMHO), or flashing the […]

Xiaomi Takes On DJI With A Pair Of New Imaging Drones

Xiaomi is no stranger to imaging drones, or should I say, no stranger to imaging drones with a striking resemblance to the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, DJI, with the specs too boot and at a manageable price point The China’s “provision of gadgets” latest imaging drones are no different. The duo, namely FIMI A3 […]

SITEWASP Drone Will Cut Construction Progress inspection To Hours

Despite the advancement in building and construction industry, there is at least one process that technology cannot do and that is progress inspection, or is it? This futuristic drone you see here called SITEWASP (that has a look in the league of Half-Life City Scanner), designed by Germany product service designer Sebastian Gier, might just […]

This Is Airshadow, Drone Volt’s New, RTF Professional Mini Drone

This is Airshadow Ready-To-Fly Professional Mini Drone from French drone maker, Drone Volt. We think it might be an answer to DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, but the unlike DJI’s, Airshadow is designed from the ground up as a professional drone for use in surveillance, recognition, inspection, and search and rescue operations. Not surprisingly, really, because […]

DIY Wooden Modular Drone Might Just Be What Fun Drone Should Be

When multi-rotor drones come onto the market, the word “ready-to-fly” is almost non-existence because, unlike RC toys and RC scale models in the past, most quadcopters or multicopters come ready-to-fly (or at least, bind-and-fly). Well, that’s until Aerowood comes along. Aerowood defies the drone norm. It is not ready-to-fly out-of-the-box. Not only it is a […]