Announced last year along with the slew of Ring products, the Ring Home Security Drone (officially called Ring Always Home Cam) is now inviting you to be a beta tester. The catch: it is only available in the United States and by invitation only.

Ring Always Home Cam Beta Program Announced

For those who haven’t already heard, the Ring Always Home Cam completely rethinks home security cameras. Instead of installing multiple cameras at every angle imaginable; Ring Always Home Cam is a security camera that patrols your home when you are away.

Armed with active sensors and advanced navigation algorithms, Ring Always Home Cam can fly along your custom, predetermined paths when triggered by a Ring Alarm sensor or within the Ring app. To quell privacy concerns, Ring Always Home Cam will only record when in flight and with an audible sound.

Ring Always Home Cam Beta Program Announced

If you are sold by this high-tech home security solution, you can request an invitation to participate in the beta testing program starting now.

Images: Ring Doorbell.

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