Holy Smoke! There Is A Sharknado VR Video Game Now?

This is 2018 and yet, I still can’t believe Sharknado already had 6 movies to its name. Six! Imagine that. If you have not watch any of the Sharknado flick already, all I can say is, they are super cheesy and over-the-top shark action movies with terrible CGI. But for some reasons, it has risen […]

Custom Sharknado Water Slide For Super Fan Is Strewn With ‘Bloody Limbs’

Sharknado, the sci-fi/horror flick that is so bad, it’s good, is getting its fourth instalment. Yup. That’s right, the fourth movie about sharks raining from up above is very real and it is premiering this weekend on, well, SyFy, of course. Despite the film’s laughable CGI, cheesy lines and unnatural acting, Sharknado has, surprisingly, somehow […]