DeX Wants To Turn Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Into A Desktop Computer

Attempts to turn Android smartphone into a computer isn’t new, but somehow, Samsung made it a big thing. Or maybe it is a big deal because, Samsung DeX, the device that will enable the Android-based desktop experience, will turn the newly announced Galaxy S8 and S8+, and provide an experience that no other makers have […]

The Stand Universal Dock: Perfect Matrimony Of Art And Technology

Smartphone and/or tablet stand is not uncommon. In fact, there’s an abundance of them, but lets be honest here: anyone can make a dock; heck, you could even cobble up one yourself with duct tapes and cardboard, but the thing is, not everyone can make one that you can call artistic, i.e. a dock that […]

Wiplabs’ New Dock Has A Special Cable Head That Sticks When You Need It To

Smartphone or tablet dock is a dime a dozen and so, if you are going to produce one, you ought to make sure it is rocking some pretty solid selling points and we thought that’s what exactly what iDockAll 2 has. iDockAll 2, as the numeral implies, is the second iteration of Wiplabs’ first iDock […]

STAGE 5 Dock Not Only Charges, But It Is Also A Speaker Too

sound dock is quite passe at this point, however, if its first intention is to provide a resting place for charging and/or syncing your smartphone or tablet, then that’s a different story altogether. this is precisely what spur London-based Rocket Sound Systems to create the STAGE 5 Dock. by virtue of its product name, you […]