Smartphone and/or tablet stand is not uncommon. In fact, there’s an abundance of them, but lets be honest here: anyone can make a dock; heck, you could even cobble up one yourself with duct tapes and cardboard, but the thing is, not everyone can make one that you can call artistic, i.e. a dock that appears to be an art piece when not in use. Well, if you are looking for such an arty dock, The Stand might just be the answer. Curve is the theme surrounding The Stand. It sports a broken circle form with the ‘broken’ section designated as the place where your gadget will rest on, angled optimally so you can continue use the device when it is docked.

The Stand Smartphone and Tablet Dock

It is actually a very clever and beautiful design, made even more alluring by the material of choice, which is ceramic or solid aluminum. Detailed touches like curve edges, bottom lip and rubber suction technology ensures form and functionality goes hand-in-hand. Gadget lovers with discerning taste will be glad to know that The Stand is handmade in the UK which is a refreshing change, considering most accessories these days are made in China. Anywho, the result is pretty much what you see here: a beautiful work of art that serve dual purpose, namely, as an art piece and as a gadget accessory.

The Stand Smartphone and Tablet Dock

There’s a catch though: while The Stand is designed without model and device bias, it does not come with a cable or connector and obviously, one-hand removal is out of question. Anywho, by allowing you to use your own cable is how The Stand achieved the versatility that true gadget lovers will appreciate. This means you can change model and made without worrying if it will fit because it will fit, regardless of what you throw at it. All those qualities aside, I think the most awesome part is that dock looks fantastic when not in use and it might just give your work desk, bedside table or whatnot, an artistic touch you never know you need.

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Oh wait, there’s another catch here: The Stand Smartphone and Tablet Dock is not yet a reality. Prototypes have been made and tested, and now it needs your help in getting it into production. You can show you love for amazing artsy dock by backing its campaign on Kickstarter. A pledge of £28 (about US$35) will secure yourself a unit but that’s provided that the campaign hits or surpasses its set funding goal of a modest £5,000 in the next 35 days or so.

Images courtesy of Industrial Design and HD.

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