Garmin Pays Homage To Star Wars With Legacy Saga Series Smartwatches

If you are like me, wondering why there are no Star Wars-themed smartwatches, well, wonder no more because, they exist now. Garmin has revealed the Legacy Saga Series GPS smartwatches inspired by the Resistance’s hero, Rey, and the Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

Movado Outs Connect 2.0 Smartwatch With Latest Qualcomm Chip And 1 GB RAM

When it comes to smartwatch that does not look too geeky and somehow, Fossil’s wide portfolio does not appeal to you and you very much love to have Wear OS powering it, well then, you may want to look to American watchmaker’s new offering, Movado Connect 2.0.

Huawei Announced Huawei Watch GT 2 With Always-on Mode And Up To 14 Days Battery

The ban on Huawei by the U.S. has no doubt impacted the China’s telecommunication giant’s business, but thankfully, one product that’s not affected the ban is this: smartwatch. Speaking of smartwatch, the company has just announced a follow up to its Huawei Watch GT, simply called Huawei Watch GT 2.

Fossil Collider DIANA Smartwatch Might Be Running On Wear OS Hybrid Technology

Clearly, the geeky-look bring about by smartwatch is not for everyone. Well, fret not, there is always the hybrid that will slightly soften the geeky-look. Speaking of hybrid, Fossil Collider DIANA Smartwatch is a new line of offering from, well, the largest smartwatch maker and fashion label Fossil.

Here’s A List Of Gadgets ASUS Announced At The IFA 2019

Whether you are looking for a content creator, business professional, health and fitness fanatics looking for a new gaming phone, smartwatch, laptop, desktop, or laptop, ASUS will have you covered with the slew of products the Taiwanese computer manufacturer has announced at the recent IFA 2019 in Berlin.

Apple Watch Series 5 Is Here, Now Boasts Always-On Retina Display

Not sure why it took Apple four generations of Apple Watch to implement Always-On Retina display… Oh, right, the battery life… Never mind. Anyways, Always-On Retina display is finally a thing and it is a feature on the new Apple Watch Series 5 which was announced earlier today.

Fitbit Announced Versa 2, A $200 “Lifestyle” Smartwatch That Supports Amazon Alexa

I just gotten into smartwatch not too long ago. If you ask me, my verdict is, the time is still not ripe for smartwatch even though Wear OS has proven itself to be more capable than it was when it first started. However, if you really must have a smartwatch or looking to replace an […]

Garmin Revealed New Instinct Tactical Edition With Enhanced Tactical Features

Tactical-buff like me will be glad to know that Garmin has recently introduced a “Tactical Edition” of the brand’s Instinct GPS smartwatch. Basically, what Garmin did was, it blended the rugged build of the Instinct with tactical functionality borrowed from Garmin tactix series.

Casio PRO TREK Smart Finally Gets Heart Rate Monitor With The New WSD-F21HR

When Casio introduced PRO TREK with offline maps, it was a god sent for trekkers, but it is lacking one key feature modern active wearables has: heart rate monitor. Well, the good news is, that changes today when Casio announced the new PRO TREK WSD-F21HR. It is the first PRO TREK Smart to be outfitted […]

Misfit Outs New Wear OS Smartwatch Powered By New Qualcomm Wear Chipset

Misfit, the company that pretty much kick started the fitness tracking phenomenal, has debuted a successor to its original Vapor smartwatch. The Misfit Vapor X, as it is called, boasts a newest Qualcomm made-for-wearable chipset, Qualcomm 3100 and a new lightweight, matted-finished aluminum alloy body that kept the weight at mere 43g which should come […]