Teenage Engineering Updates OD-11 With Bluetooth

Remember the super cool Teenage Engineering’s reboot of the Stig Carlsson speaker from four years ago? Well, it has been updated with Bluetooth support – in addition to AirPlay and Spotify connect. Furthermore, it has more colors, now including red, black, walnut and white, plus a limited edition blue which I am all over it. […]

Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Black Edition: Only Wall-mounted TV Needs Apply

It is safe to assume that if you drive a Porsche 911, you are pretty up there as far as disposal income is concern. In other words, you should be pretty damn rich, and if that is so, you may want this particular sound bar called Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Black Edition from Porsche Design […]

If You Want This Gorgeous Sound Bar, You Have To Build It Yourself

Instructables user ralf_k is an engineer by day and self-described “noisy neighbor by night” who wanted a modern looking sound bar that isn’t plasticky. I am not sure if there is such sound bar out there. Even there is, I am sure it is going to cost a fortune. Anyways, he set out to make […]

Marshall Gave Its Three Bluetooth Speakers An Upgrade

Marshall was best known guitar amplifier, but the English company have since ventured into personal audio gear and more subsequently, into speaker system that bears the hallmark design of Marshall guitar amplifiers. Recently, the audio equipment maker gave its three iconic Bluetooth speakers, namely Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn, an upgrade. These updated Bluetooth speakers now […]

No, Seriously, Roku TV Wireless Speakers Only Works With Roku TV

In a strange move, Roku has introduced a pair of wireless speakers, simply called Roku TV Wireless Speakers. The speakers alone aren’t strange, but the fact that it only works with Roku TV is. Like, isn’t this trying to lock consumers into an ecosystem? You know, like what Apple have been doing all this years? […]

Q-Bass Is The Definitive True Wireless Speaker For Bass Heads

A comprehensive speaker system rigged for home entertainment requires a myriad of equipment, including the likes of DAC crossover, main speaker and subwoofer amps, plus there are the required speakers and subwoofer. The result? A cramped living and unsightly cables snaking around. That’s not to mention the setup is very tedious and time consuming. This […]

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge: Where The Entire Speaker Is The Volume Knob

Most speaker systems, wireless or not, always have two things: the speaker grille and a few buttons for music control. The latter has been a design challenge for audio equipment makers who cared about aesthetic, but then touch control came along and practically alleviate this design eyesore. For Danish high end audio equipment maker Bang […]

Fireside Audiobox Is Quite Literally The Hottest Bluetooth Speaker Right Now

Not every gadget gets us all wet and excited. Similarly, not every gadget that gets us wet and excited is the gadget we want. Sometimes, just sometimes, we are just baffled by how bizarre it is and that is exactly how I felt right now with the Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker. The product name itself […]

Samsung Ventures Into Premium Audio With Two Harman Kardon Co-branded Sound Bars

What’s your impression of Samsung’s audio equipment? Good, but hardly deemed high-end or audiophile-grade, right? Well, that should change with its two new sound bars, developed in collaboration with audio equipment specialist, Harman Kardon. The pair, designated HW-N950 and HW-N850, are described as co-branded premium sound bars that flaunt Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio technology […]

The Half-size Pirelli Wind Tunnel Tire Is Now A Bluetooth Speaker

IXOOST is an Italian audio equipment maker who is known to create speaker systems that looks like they were parts pulled out of an automobile. Previously, IXOOST has offered an exhaust iPhone dock and a Bluetooth speaker that replicates the rear end of a Lamborghini and now, it has collaborated with tire manufacturer giant Pirelli […]