This New Electric Folding Mobility Scooter From eFOLDi Weighs Just 33 lbs

After reinventing the mobility scooter that gotten the nods of approval by prominent entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson, SunTech is back with a third iteration called eFOLDi Lite. As the product name hints, the third generation eFOLDi is light. Like, 15 kilograms (33 lbs) kind of light. At 33 lbs, it makes it easy to […]

eFOLDi: Mobility Scooter Reinvented To Double As a Chair And a Suitcase

You know those mobility scooters use by folks who have mobility issues? Yeah. Those three-wheeled electric vehicles. They aren’t exactly mobile, are they? I mean, stairs posed a major problem and so do getting on public transportations like buses and trains. Well, those, my friend, are problems eliminated if SunTech has its way. The company’s […]