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Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle

two-wheel drive motorcycle is rare, but not new. however, the Russian Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle is on a league of its own. the two-wheel drive system coupled with super chunky tires allows it to transverse across the toughest terrain imaginable, going where four-wheel drive vehicles can’t but even if it can’t, its mere 47 to 74 kilograms of weight means it is lightweight enough to be picked up and carry over, or at least drag, to where you want to go. don’t believe? catch the video after the break and see it for yourself. there are two models planned: a 2×2 Taurus 2, which is the lightweight version fitted with low-pressure tires, and a 2×2 Taurus 2m, which is a heavier and more powerful model, fitted with serious off-road rubbers. Continue reading Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle