Hess Toy Truck’s Holiday Vehicle Set For This Year Is A Tow Truck Rescue Team

Since 1964, toy truck specialist Hess Toy Truck has been dishing out a special holiday toy vehicle set each year. This year is no different. OK. Maybe it is a little different because, for the first time, Hess Toy Truck is introducing its first-ever Hess Tow Trucks.

LEGO 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

some people just have the knack for LEGO design. take note we said “design”, not construct. to be fair, anybody can build, but just how logical and recognizable is your creation is, well, to be further judged. speaking of which, looking at the above LEGO 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition (41999) you probably won’t believe that it was actually a creation by one regular dude

LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler

Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean you should stop buying. having said that, when an object of desire crosses your path, any day is a gifting day – that’s at least for yourself. we call that doing yourself a favor. anyway, in this particular instant, the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler would be one such ‘object of desire’. the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler consists of 1,327…