some people just have the knack for LEGO design. take note we said “design”, not construct. to be fair, anybody can build, but just how logical and recognizable is your creation is, well, to be further judged. speaking of which, looking at the above LEGO 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition (41999) you probably won’t believe that it was actually a creation by one regular dude and not by LEGO’s official team of designers. the LEGO 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition is the winner of the Co-Creation Challenge, ‘You Design it, We Make it’, organized by LEGO and is the handy work of Russian LEGO fan Egor Karshiev. this winning creation gets the honor of being officially built by LEGO with a limited run of 20,000 sets and its creator, Egor gets to tour the factory in Billund, Denmark as part of the prize award. needless to say, both are priceless rewards that any LEGO fans can ask for.

notable highlights of this limited edition set includes a dark blue bodywork (it’s the first for Technic set, btw), massive set of 4X4 wheels, chrome elements, unique license plate number for each set (meaning, no two sets will be the same), remote controlled functionality, working LED front light, and a functional motorized winch. you can get this winning creation for $199.99 from LEGO web store. note: we know this set looks pretty much like the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler, but it really is not the same – just thought we should clear the air. check out a few more look in the image gallery below and while you are there, also catch the original prototype by Egor in action in the embedded video further down.

Source: LEGO
via Leg Godt by Gizmodo

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