Rally Car Catching Some Air Nearly Took Out A Drone In Its Path

Drone has become a norm and so are the incidents of drone being taken out of the sky accidentally or intentionally. In a recent incident, a low-flying drone attempt to capture a spectacular footage of an oncoming rally car, a Toyota WRC piloted by Esapekka Lappi, catching some air, but unfortunately it got in the […]

Sports 650 by Toyota Motorsport GmbH

stepping into real family life doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your need for speed for a lesser sedan, not if Toyota Motorsport GmbH can help it. the Sports 650, a creation by Toyota motorsport arm, is exactly the ride that will keep your adrenalin pumping even when you are married and eventually, have kids of your own. based on the Lexus LS 460, this TMG-souped…