This Is Optimus Prime Souped Up By A Bathing Ape And It Looks Awesome

the classic Optimus Prime sheds its red/blue with flame design as part of the Transformers x A Bathing Ape 2014 Capsule Collection, which was announced to coincide with the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Japan on August 8, which is kind of weird that the the collaboration did not base on the silverscreen […]

Bandai Sushi Transformers Toys

take your obssession with things that transforms, including laptop-to-tablet and vice versa, to transforming robot toys, a step further with these Bandai Sushi Transformers Toys aka Gyakusaisei Motomodoru Sushimodoru. while we are not exactly sure if that’s in fact their official English product name

Hasbro Transformers Metroplex

and we thought the Hasbro Transformers Constructicon Devastator was huge but apparently it is now being dwarfed by the new grandaddy of the Transformers: the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex. standing a mega-sized two-feet tall, this metal beast (figuratively speaking, of course. it is still made of hard plastic parts) is officially the tallest, if not the biggest, Transformers yet.

Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy

we are fully aware that The Avengers fever has cooled, not too mention the Transformers – all thanks The Dark Knight Rises. however, that doesn’t mean special edition Blu-ray of those films are any less popular. the Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy is one such example. officially made available on the…

the Transformers x MIMOBOT Designer USB Flash Drives

thanks to Michael Bay, Transformers are now virtually everywhere and as you might have guessed it, it has arrived to USB Flash Drives as well. at the recent 2011 CEA Line Show, Mimoco unveiled its first duo of flash drives based on Hasbro’s Transformers characters…