This Tiny Electric Skateboard Offers ‘Unlimited’ Range – If You Pack A Bunch Of Batteries With You

Walnut Tech AKA Walnutt, the electric skateboard maker with a thing for tiny skateboards, has just announced the pre-sale of its third-generation Spectra X electric skateboard and it is, well, tiny. Despite the diminutive size, Spectra X promised to deliver “a perfect balance of portability and range.” It has almost “unlimited range” – thanks to […]

The Future Of Electric Skateboard Is This: Without The Need For Remote

Imagine this: you walk up to a skateboard, get on it and it starts moving. Sounds more like a probable scene from some sci-fi movies, right? I mean, no control on hand and so, it is more sci-fi then reality, right? Nope. Not quite. This fantasy tech of traveling is real and it is called […]