Imagine this: you walk up to a skateboard, get on it and it starts moving. Sounds more like a probable scene from some sci-fi movies, right? I mean, no control on hand and so, it is more sci-fi then reality, right? Nope. Not quite. This fantasy tech of traveling is real and it is called Spectra. Conceived by Walnut Tech, Spectra is billed as the first and only electric skateboard with a continuously learning 3D posture control system that lets you ride it without the need a remote in your hand. I know right. Finally, your hands can be free to do gestures or whatever as you zoom down the street and your legs, no kicking. It is a seemingly small development, but no small representation of what the future is for skateboard and the future, as it seems, is here now.

Spectra Smart Electric Skateboard with Built-in AI

Coupled with built-in pressure and gyro sensors, this little guy adapts to your riding style by learning your body movements as you ride. Other features you can expect include interactive app control via Bluetooth, upgradable firmware, ABS braking, smart braking system with MagBrake, regenerative hub motor, LED indicators for status at a glance and low-light visibility, downhill auto speed control, climb up to 27 percent incline with auto power up, magnetic charging, and it is of course, super duper portable with the smallest model, the Mini, measuring a mere 17 inches(432 mm) and weighs as little as a laptop at 7.5 lbs (3.4 kilograms!).

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Spectra Smart Electric Skateboard with Built-in AI
Spectra Mini

Four models are being offered on the product’s Indiegogo InDemand page: Mini, Advanced, Pro and Silver. Depending on the model, you can expect a top speed of up to 21.7 mph (35 km/h!?), up to 20 mile (32 km) range, and up to a maximum load of 290 lbs (132 kilograms) from up to four electric motors powered by the same batteries that drives Tesla’s electric vehicles. At the time of this writing, it is understood by us that you will be able to secure the eboard for between $329 and $1199 BUT you probably would be interested to know that $299 will secure you a Spectra Mini plus a free Walnutt Commuter Backpack. The 299 package is of limited run, so if you want that, you better act on it quick. Check out the product video after a few more looks.

Spectra Smart Electric Skateboard with Built-in AI
Spectra Silver
Spectra Smart Electric Skateboard with Built-in AI
Spectra Pro Advanced
Spectra Smart Electric Skateboard with Built-in AI
Special Perk comes standard with a Walnutt Backpack.

Images: Walnut Tech.

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