Is possible to have a multi-tool that is the size of a keychain? As it turns out, it is totally possible – as proven by this little guy called Keyanchor, a clever creation by San Francisco-based design studio CopperMill. Keyanchor is an everyday carry multi-tool/key organizer, which means it will hold your keys dutifully while having the extra abilities to pry, screw, slash/slice, and of course, pop open a bottle. And oh, it could also save your nails too. So ladies, take note.

Keyanchor Small EDC Multi-tool and Key Organizer
So freaking tiny!

Granted, the number of functions are not a lot for a multi-tool, but it is really quite a handful for a thing this tiny. However, what makes this multi-tool/keychain combo stands out is not the multi-tool functionality; it is the silence key organizer that can hold up 4 or 8 keys without making a ding like a typical keychain does. Thanks to the included spring, the keys are stacked firmly enough not for them not to create a ding while affording easy access to the individual keys by the simple action of fanning out the key you need. Simple and effective, and no doubt brilliant.

Keyanchor Small EDC Multi-tool and Key Organizer
The only things that will bump up its size are the keys.

Of course, the titanium construction and the cute little anchor (hence the name) appearance does play a part in making this little guy stand out among its competitions. I thought a creation like this would have garnered reasonable amount of interests on Kickstarter, but unfortunately, it is not getting the love that we think it deserves. However, you can make a difference. If you want to see Keyanchor become a reality, you can show your love by backing the campaign. Pledge amount to secure yourself a unit starts at $22.

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Keyanchor Small EDC Multi-tool and Key Organizer

Keyanchor Small EDC Multi-tool and Key Organizer

Keyanchor Small EDC Multi-tool and Key Organizer

Images: CopperMill.

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  1. I can’t see many Brits going for this .. the straight conversion $ to £ comes out at £16:63
    in reality with currency conversion when buying the same product forma a UK source the liklihood is that it will be nearer £22
    It looks fine and appears to be be practical but I don’t think it will sell here at those kind of prices… well not in mumbers

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