I don’t travel often, but when I did recently, this hat tip happen to pop up and it really made me think about the thing travelers usually don’t gave a damn but yet still brood about: toiletry bag AKA washbag. My last travel which was the whole of the last two weeks, I had an oblong toiletry with two compartments. Ok, maybe just one. What I did was, I dumped everything in the one compartment with only ziplock bags to separate the potential ‘hazard’ and wet items from the rest. Clearly, not the best idea, but the Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel could be the answer I have been looking for. This convention-challenging wonder pack has not one, not two but several compartments designed with common toiletry items in mind.

Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel

It has a waterproof compartment for a travel toothpaste and a toothbrush so in the event of the tube bursts, it won’t create a mess. The same goes for the shampoo and body wash; it has a waterproof compartment dedicated to those too. Additionally, it has a couple of mesh zipper pockets for a bunch of other stuff like your shaver, q-tips, flossers, contact case, deodorant and whatnot. Basically, Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling has all your toiletry-related essentials storage covered. It even have an extra pocket where you can slip in your passport if you so desire. The pack opens up vertically and there’s a concealable strap up top that allows it to be hung up, so you can access to the essentials without emptying everything out.

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Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel

I am not going to lie, the last bit there really had me cos’ I don’t really fancy emptying everything out especially when at campsite or for times where I will only be staying at a place for a couple of days. If you are impressed with this toiletry bag, then you may want to consider joining some 1,600+ backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering the Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel for $39-44. The campaign has already met its funding goal and hence, if all goes as planned, you should be receiving your little bag of wonder sometime in December 2017.

Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel

Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling by Gravel

Images courtesy of Gravel.

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