Russian Cosplayer Warhammer 40K Cosplay Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Here’s a visually spectacular, accurate cosplay of Warhammer 40K’s Saint Celestine by Russian cosplayer Polina Vishnevskaya. Impressive, but this cosplay and other like this, never failed to be of reality. How so? Well, simple. It reminds us that fantasy will always be fantasy because a person can’t be running around and expecting to fight off […]

If You Love Warhammer, You Should Really Check Out This Insane Terminator Armor Cosplay

We pretend to be a fan of Warhammer; we are not, but that doesn’t stop our jaws from dropping when we first lay eyes on this fantastic cosplay costume by avid cosplay artist known by the handle of Grand Artifice. Grand Artifice has created many cosplay costumes, but this Warhammer 40K World Eaters Cataphractii Terminator […]