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James Bond Probably Has Some Use For This Suit-like Wetsuit

Remember how in some James Bond movies, our dear everybody-knows-who-he-is, not-so-secret, secret agent emerged from the sea and swiftly swapped into a tuxedo suitable for ‘infiltrating’ a high society party? Well, If only dear Mr. Bond had Trompe L’Oeil Technical Wetsuit by Thom Browne, he wouldn’t even need a change. He can just step out of water, shake himself dry (or with a towel, whichever pleases him) and proceed to mingle in the highly suspicious party. As you can see, the American fashion designer’s iteration of the wetsuit is anything but casual. Continue reading James Bond Probably Has Some Use For This Suit-like Wetsuit

SAMS Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

with well over 800 shark attacks over the last two hundred years or so in Australia alone, there is little reason why divers and surfers shouldn’t be worried. however, a new type of camouflage wetsuit jointly developed by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and Ocean Institute at University of Western Australia, dubbed the SAMS Shark Deterrent Wetsuits might help in reducing the odds of you being snack on the next time in take a dip into the open water. do not be mistaken; these wetsuits aren’t some shark bite-proof armor or whatsoever. they are basically camouflage pattern derived from the result of the studies by Ocean Institute based on shark’s vision (they are color blind, apparently). Continue reading SAMS Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water

Billabong V1 Wetsuit 544x368px
(credit: Shane Dorian/Billabong) Billabong V1 Wetsuit | US$tba | www.billabong.com

in the air, we have parachutes as a safety measure but what if you were pinned down by big waves in the water? Shane Dorian, one of the best big wave surfers on the planet has the answer for that. his invention is the world’s first inflatable wetsuit. think of it as a parachute for water but instead of bringing you down safely, it aims to bring pinned down surfer (or anyone for any reason) safely to the surface. this innovative idea struck Shane back in 2010 where he was nearly drowned when he was pushed down 25-feet below the surface, only to be held there by two more big waves. with this idea in his head, Shane contacted Billabong wetsuit designer Hub Hubbard and the rest is history. Continue reading the inflatable wetsuit is like a parachute for water