Apple Watch Series 5 Is Here, Now Boasts Always-On Retina Display

Not sure why it took Apple four generations of Apple Watch to implement Always-On Retina display… Oh, right, the battery life… Never mind. Anyways, Always-On Retina display is finally a thing and it is a feature on the new Apple Watch Series 5 which was announced earlier today.

You Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into A Classic iPod With Elago W6 Stand For Apple Watch

Elago, the gadget accessory maker most notable for its quirky stands for Apple Watch that take the form of nostalgic Apple products like the iMac G3 and the classic Macintosh, is back with a new Apple Watch stand. This time, Elago pays homage to the first MP3 player from the Cupertino tech giant, the classic […]

This Power Strap Will Add 27 Hours Of Battery Life To Your Apple Watch

I’d be lying to say I am not enticed by Apple Watch. It is beautiful, functional and all, but the off putting thing is not just the price; it is the battery. It is not going to last if you are power user who is also out and about. However, Togvu have its way, battery […]

Meet A New Kind Of Luxe Apple Watch That Has The Grandeur Of Royalties

Luxe up Apple Watch or any type of gadgets is not new, but I have to say what Russian luxe customizer, Aurum Edition, did is pretty mind-blowing. Everyone knows how to coat an Apple Watch with gold, or any precious metal, but Aurum Edition does more than mere coating it to 8 microns thick; it […]

Pod Case Will Turn Apple Watch Into An iPod Lookalike. Yes, Really!

Remember iPod nano? The square form factor, super tiny music player from Apple? And remember how people turned it into a watch prior to the market introduction of Apple Watch? Well, we might be seeing a resurgence of this gadget “re-appropriation.” But no, iPod nano is not making a comeback. Instead, the Pod Case for […]

Apple Unveiled Three New iPhones And Apple Watch Series 4

This is it. After much speculations and leaks, including a hands on video, the new Apple iPhones are finally official. Along with it, is the Apple Watch Series 4 and an update for the Siri-enabled Apple HomePod. As expected, the three handsets include an entry level device called iPhone XR and the other being the […]

Rhino Band Turns Frail Apple Watch Into A Handsome, Rugged Smartwatch

I appreciate a phone’s sleek lines and slim form, and thus, slipping on a ruggedized case in an attempt to protect seems like killing its beauty. Killing the original design an Apple Watch, on the other hand, seems like a move that won’t be frown upon. Not because of the protection. It is because, it […]

Apple Watch Is No Dick Tracy Watch, But It Will Be With watchOS 5 Update

Every kids in the 80s dream of owning the watch use by fictional detective Dick Tracy, but as it turns out, mankind has gone beyond what Dick’s iconic watch can do. But if you somehow still feel inadequate despite having a high-tech wrist worn gadget, then there’s the good news: when watchOS 5 comes along, […]