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Accessories for gadgets including cases, lenses, bags, tripods and the likes.

ELEMENTCASE Vapor 007 & AR15-V extreme metal case for iPhone 4

ELEMENTCASE Vapor 007 iPhone 4 case 544px(photo source:

fancy being james bond? well, now you can take a step closer to your dream by donning your iPhone 4 with this Vapor 007 Extreme Metal case from Elementcase. this limited edition, serialized iPhone 4 case is raw machined with hand brushed grain, befitting a top (ever cool) secret agent. brushed aluminum is not exactly tactical or stealthy in looks, but it certainly goes well with your black tuxedo and impressing your beautiful date in the process. neat huh? Continue reading ELEMENTCASE Vapor 007 & AR15-V extreme metal case for iPhone 4

DODObag messenger for iPad by Rickshaw Bags

DODObag for iPad with DODOcase 544px(photo source:

DODOcase, the maker of the Made-by-Hand iPad case, has a messenger bag added to their inventory which is tailored to fit your iPad with the DODOcase. the bag is built in collaboration with a San Francisco based company, Rickshaw Bags. made from rugged Cordura brand nylon materials, which was woven in United States and the bag manufactured in San Francisco. so this is a pure 100% Made in USA item. with a padded pocket to fit your DODOcase clad iPad, and leaving you plenty of room for other miscellaneous items. standard features include quick-adjust shoulder strap, velcro flap closure, 2 built-in pen holders, quick d-rings for cross strap attachment. Continue reading DODObag messenger for iPad by Rickshaw Bags

the glif iphone 4 tripod mount & stand

the glif - iPhone tripod mount & stand 544px
(photo source:

this is interesting. a dedicated tripod mount & kick stand for your beloved iPhone 4. i would love to have one but then i have to do without an iPhone case, don’t i? or maybe switch to slip on case instead. nevertheless, this is really an interesting project and an attractive product name. very well made video too. now, how about an iPhone hard case incorporating the glif? 🙂 the glif is the brainchild of Thomas Gerhardt and Dan Provost. the glif was posted in kickstarter – a fund seeking website for creative projects. as at now, Tom and Dan has achieved more than what they have asked for but i think innovative ideas deserve continual support.

show your support for the glif here.

visit the glif website.

Poddities put hand strap back to your iPhone

Poddities accessories for iPhone 4 544px
(photo source:

before iPhone, we called our trusty mobile communication device, smartphone and mobile phone (or cell phone, depending where you are from). before iPhone, it is a norm to have a strap looped to our smartphone or mobile phone through the provided tiny little hole. i had one these ‘hand strap’ on almost all my previous mobile phone, including my last ever windows phone, the samsung i780. ever since iPhone, hand straps (or decorative straps in some cases) has been missed, although not sorely missed. well, fret not. a Japanese company has a solution for it – a bracket screwed to the base of your iPhone 4 and it’s available for both 3G & 3GS as well. when every company is rushing to design & manufacture cases/covers for iPhone 4, these guys at Poddities chose a different path and came up with a contraption to enable you to relive your hand strap days with your iPhone.

there are 4 models to choose from, including one that adds a card holder cum screen cover for your iPhone (called OSAIFON). basically they are quite similar, except for the ‘hand-strap’ attachment. you have the loop strap, carabiner strap and NETSUKE which doesn’t have any strap but just the plain bracket for you loop anything you fancy. the process of making your iPhone 4 into a ‘hand-strap friendly’ mobile phone is fairly simple (but risk voiding the warranty). just simply replace the 2 stock screws at the bottom of the phone with the one that came with the bracket and you are done. so is it safe? let me put it this way: if you have a hand strap looped to the bracket and use the hand strap as an added security while using the phone to prevent accidental drops, i think that’s cool. i certainly don’t recommend putting pressure test on it, such as pulling with force or even swinging. those 2 screws are tiny, and tiny screws has thin threads and these means that they may not take the extra pulling force. in my opinion, prolong exposure to pulling pressure, the screw may just give way or worst, wears out the internal thread of the phone. that’s the next worst thing, after broken screws. nevertheless, it’s quite a nifty idea. who knows, i might just get myself one, for the sake of reliving my hand-strap-on-mobile days. the price of the hand-strap attachment ranges from 1800¥ (approx. USD22) to 4800¥ (approx. USD58).

visit Poddities website.

review: Simplism silicon iphone 4 case

a design-in-Japan iPhone 4 case. this is a silicon case which has anti-dust coating, which is necessary because typical silicon cases tend to be a dust magnet. the package comes with the silicon case, screen protector (with leveler), microfiber cleaning cloth and a dock cover. the dock cover lets you cover the dock of your iPhone to keep out the dust – a rather nice touch. there’s a little loop with the dock cover which allows user to loop through a twin hole at the back of the silicon case. in this way, you wouldn’t loose your tiny dock cover. how thoughtful 🙂 Continue reading review: Simplism silicon iphone 4 case

you can make yourself a LEGO motorized iPad stand

Custom motorized LEGO iPad Stand 544x311px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

if you are a LEGO fan and an iPad user or a ‘LEGPLE’ fan (aka LEGO + APPLE fan), then you will be just about as excited as me about this custom LEGO motorized iPad stand. how cool is that? and it uses a stepless motor meaning it can be at any position you want. want one? it’s not for sale but if you are adventurous enough, you can build one yourself using parts from the ‘8052 LEGO container truck’ set, else you have to wait for the instruction to be made available. needless to say, i chose the latter.

visit for more information.

Finally DODOcase has arrived!

My iPad with DODOcase 544px
(credit: mikeShouts)

finally got my made-by-hand DODOcase for my ipad. there’s not much packaging to talk about but the highlight is the product itself. the quality of the case is impeccable. i like the idea of bamboo material for the frame where the ipad seats. of course the foam pieces securing the ipad seems a little risky but i just couldn’t get over how cool this ipad case looks. it is hard to make justification over a pic, you got to see it for yourself. i also like the idea of ‘cut-out’ portions for access to the volume rocker, power button et cetera, which enable easy access with obstruction. previously, with my apple ipad case, it is rather awkward trying to adjust the volume cos’ the case makes the volume rocker become ‘recessed’. Continue reading Finally DODOcase has arrived!

Hardcandy chrome bubble case for iPhone4

Hardcandy Bubblecase for iPhone 4 544px
(photo source:

iPhone4 has yet to hit Singapore’s shore until this weekend but stores are already selling their the iPhone 4 cases. this one is a new item from Hardcandy. pretty sleek looking but no doubt its going to be a finger print magnet. i saw the actual item, looks really cool indeed.

visit hardcandy website. Continue reading Hardcandy chrome bubble case for iPhone4

iLuv foldable leather case for iPad

iLuv foldable iPad leather case 544px
(photo source: mikeshouts)

this is really worthly of a mention. the foldable leather case for iPad by iLuv. i haven’t been bringing my iPad out more than a few steps out of my room. call me paranoid, a freak or whatever. i felt ‘exposed’ without any protection and seriously, the hump of the iPad is rather annoying, therefore i had to have something that stops it from wobbling while i’m typing on my iPad. while waiting patiently for the DODOcase to arrive, this iLuv product will have to do for the next 5-6 weeks and it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. so why not? Continue reading iLuv foldable leather case for iPad