RMC iPhone 4/4S Recharge Battery Case

RMC Recharge Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S
(photos: RMC) RMC iPhone 4/4S Recharge Battery Case | US$tba | www.rmcjeans.com

at some point of our iPhone usage career, we stray to be more concern about what case goes on it then how its original phone design looks. that wouldn’t be a bad thing when you can choose something that suits your style conscious personality. speaking of which, the RMC iPhone 4/4S Recharge Battery Case happens to be one of those iPhone case that tickles our senses. details are pretty much non-existence, except for the fact that these cases are released as part of RMC’s (aka Red Monkey Company) 9th anniversary celebration. despite the lack of details, we still like what we saw, which is what matters to any style connoisseur. hit past the jump for a gallery of this offering from RMC.


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