Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier for Airport Express [video]

Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier for Airport Express
(photos: Griffin) Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier | US$tba |

some of us probably have some old school speakers that we love chucked somewhere around our house. they are working and have that nice vintage look that stylish people of today lust after but they just don’t cut it when it comes to modern wizardry like wireless capability. the Twenty Audio Amplifier from Griffin Technology is here to give those vintage of yours a new lease of life by turning it into an AirPlay-enabled speakers. sound impossible? well, it is not. all you have to do is plug in your Apple Airport Express to this inconspicuous white boxy device and wala! your non-powered speakers are now ready to spin out your favorite Apple Lossless tunes wirelessly from iTunes or AirPlay-enabled app such as Pandora, Spotify, what’s more, it is a 2.1 sound system with 20 watts output per channel, which means you can choose to hook up to a low frequency thumper if you want to. awesome stuff. though, no word on its price or availability at the time of this posting. a short product clip follows after the break.

Griffin Technology via Uncrate

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