Auspicious Machine Is A Pocket-sized Linux PC With Game Controllers And A Blackberry Aesthetic

A one-man operation startup known as “Rich” (Fugui, or 富贵 in Chinese) has developed a new open-source portable and modular pocket-sized computer for Linux developers. Dubbed “Auspicious Machine”, the device is developed for Linux-based operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, et cetera.

This Is OnePlus Pad, OnePlus’s First Android Tablet

The mechanical keyboard is not the only first for OnePlus. During the OnePlus Cloud 11 Event yesterday, Oppo also revealed another first: an Android tablet. Simply called OnePlus Pad, it has an unusual aspect ratio of 7:5 which OnePlus said is the world’s first. But why? Well, this screen ratio, which OnePlus called ReadFit, is …

OnePlus’ First Keyboard Has A Customizable Rotary Dial And A Slider Switch Like Its Flagship Phones

If you are in the market for a super cool keyboard, then you may want to hold out a little longer for this one from OnePlus. Yes. You heard that right. A keyboard. From OnePlus. It’s an unusual move (to make a computer peripheral) for sure. The OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro, as it is …

Disk Storage Is Making A Comeback But It Is Not What You Think It Is

As the digital world advances, the demand for reliable and affordable storage increases. But consumers aren’t the ones who demand more bytes, it is the commercial sector that requires more bytes for archival purposes. That said, the advancing world is in dire need of a quicker and larger storage solution. Enters Folio Photonics.