Xiaomi Mi 9T Is The Global Version Of Xiaomi Redmi K20

The Xiaomi Redmi K20 was a budget flagship device without a price that kills. At just 400-ish for the top spec-ed model, it is indeed a bargain. Alas, unless you are in China, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one. Well, that’s until Xiaomi Mi 9T comes along. Xiaomi Mi 9T […]

Made By Google Teases Pixel 4 Photo, Confirming A Disturbing Design

It is still months away from the revealing of the much anticipated (or not) fourth-generation Google Pixel phone, but already, the Internet is jam packed with speculations, rumors and leaks that led to a supposedly accurate render of what Google Pixel 4 will look like. Well, as it turns out, the last Google Pixel 4 […]

Oh Look, Xiaomi Also Teases An Under Display Selfie Camera Too

It looks like Oppo isn’t the only handset maker tinkering with under display selfie camera. The company show off a working prototype on June 3 and shortly after, Xiaomi also posted a device with under display camera on its Twitter account. Xiaomi’s sneak peek of this exciting development one up Oppo’s “first look” where it […]

Oppo Offers First Look At Its Under Display Selfie Camera Technology

It is happening. Our wish is almost coming true. A smartphone that does without a notch, or pop or slide up camera, a smartphone with an under display selfie camera. It looks like Oppo may become the first in the market to tout this, though it is unclear what model will include this revolutionary tech. […]

Motorola one vision Is Currently Being Sold On Amazon For $400

While the market is coming to terms with inflated smartphone prices, many have forgotten that there are still made in America affordable devices. The Motorola one vision is one such budget device announced by the American smartphone maker earlier last month.

$250 Meizu Notch-less Smartphone Gets In-display Fingerprint Sensor

On the same day (technically, a day before because of time zones) as Motorola announcement of the Moto Z4, China handset maker Meizu also announced its newest handset. Called Meizu 16Xs, this phone’s features versus price really had our attention. But what really drew me to it was, it has a notch-less design and yet, […]

Motorola’s New Moto Z4 Is A 4G Phone That’s Upgradable To 5G

Motorola has revealed the new Motorola Moto Z4 which continues the Z family’s tradition of modularity. For once, I am incline to think that a Motorola Moto Z device, or any phone at all, is future-proof device, or at least near future-proof – thanks to 5G moto mod. With the 5G moto mod, users will […]

Xiaomi Unveils Redmi K20 Pro With Pop-up Camera And Headphone Jack

Xiaomi has just unveiled a new Redmi device, the Redmi K20 Pro that packs some serious flagship features and a price that will give its competition a run for their money. For starter, it is notch-less (yay!) and the sleek, uninterrupted edge-to-edge display is completed by an in-display fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, though, the triple camera […]

Here Are Some New Products Announced By ASUS At Computex

Taiwan’s biggest computer expo kicked off today (May 28, 2019, GMT+8) and you know what that means. This means a barrage of new products from big names and ASUS, as always, is the big names with so many new stuff that it is sure to make you go dizzy. ASUS is also celebrating its 30th […]

BLU G9 Smartphone Has “52 MP Super Zoom,” Cost Just $150 Unlocked

BLU, the premiere name in super affordable and unlocked smartphone, is back with a new G-series device called G9. G9, btw, is not related to LG G series and as such, it should not be confused with the South Korea handset’s flagship series. Anyways, BLU G9 is a big phone, or “regular size” by today’s […]