Toy Crossbow

who haven’t seen a toy crossbow? i guess most of us do, but one look, you know this Toy Crossbow from Best Made is not your regular child’s play. what? it is a toy? apparently, it is. which at this point, we should remind you not to bring this out to the street or you may just land yourself in a difficult position

Custom Atari-Era Activision Action Figures

what do you do when the toys you long for never made it to the market? well, we don’t know about you, but Chicago-based humor writer and artist Dan Polydoris of Chicago Toy Collector decided to craft his own action figures instead. he has created a collection of action figures based on some of his favorite Atari games, specifically

iBug RC Robotic Bug

the iBug RC Robotic Bug you see here is not the newest of the new, but still, it makes an awesome Christmas stuffer for this Holiday Season and looks pretty cute too, well, in a creepy way, that is. hailing from China’s Shenzhen BaiYuYi Electronics company, who basically deals with all things electronic, the iBug RC Robotic Bug is a close relative to the firm’s iRoach, a robotic cockroach.

Griffin MOTO TC Rally

with the Griffin MOTO TC Rally, Griffin takes step up in blurring the line between reality and virtual reality. app-controlled remote control ain’t need, but the MOTO TC Rally not only stands out with its realistically-style vehicle (and size too), but also introduces impact sensors on the toy vehicle’s bumpers to detect damage caused by

Hubsan X4 FPV RC Quadcopter

being a non-pilot, a camera-equipped radio controlled rig like this Hubsan X4 FPV RC Quadcopter is probably the closest you will ever get to the front seat of an aircraft. clad in a lightweight airframe, the X4 FPV is a full-fledge radio controlled quadcopter with a 6-axis flight control system, coreless motors and adjustable gyro sensitivity

Swann Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter

the fun in RC flying is just about as fun as it lasts, so if you find yourself ‘peaking’ out of the normal learning curve, we think it might be high time to drop some package on your unsuspecting victims. well, not that we encourage you to do so, but you can’t deny the fact that the idea of being able to drop a “bomb” on somebody or something with a RC flying machine kind of thrills you.

3D Monopoly New York Edition by Charles Fazzino

until the day interactive hologram becomes a reality, the only way you are going to experience a little 3D effect in board game like Monopoly would be with the 3D Monopoly New York Edition by Charles Fazzino. limited to just 2,000 fine examples, this prized and oversized board game features custom New York themed, 3D

Rubber Band Machine Gun

the thing about rubber band gun is, it does not have the range and the rate of fire? well, we rather not talk about it, but strangely, it never loses its appeal even in a world swarmed with foam blasting toy guns. admittedly, with the Rubber Band Machine Gun by XYZbot, the range issue still persists, but it more than make up for this ‘short fall’ with the rate of fire

Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter

ever tried starting out on remote control flying? then you will know how hard it is, but thanks to technological advancements we have today, things are a way easier as compared to when i was just starting out. the Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter is just one such example. however, run-of-the-mill, it is not.

LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E

this is certainly not the first Maersk cargo liner to come out from the Danish toy company, but the 10241 LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E you see here has the honor of being the largest LEGO Maersk set to date with 1,518 pieces and being the largest set in LEGO’s Maersk line up couldn’t be more fitting cos’ the actual Maersk Line Triple-E