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Secret Passageway Switch. hidden switch for your lamp or…

Secret Passageway Switch 900x678px
(photos: B.Light Design) Secret Passageway Switch | US$50.00 |

planning to have a secret passageway in your humble abode? well, here’s the perfect switch to activate that passageway of yours. the aptly named Secret Passageway Switch, can turn an ordinary hard-bound book into a secret switch without damaging your book. yes. you watched it in Hollywood movies, now you can do the very same at your own home – provided, you have a mansion large enough and you have tons of secrets to hide away from Scooby and the team. no passageway to activate? well, you can always install it to function as a light switch with a fringe benefit of being guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Continue reading Secret Passageway Switch. hidden switch for your lamp or…

1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock

1960s IBM 13-5-inch Standard Issue Clock 900x900px
(photos: Schoolhouse) 1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock | US$235.00 |

in the 60s thru to the 80s, IBM was a computing powerhouse. in fact, it is the name in computing, until the proliferation of personal computer in the late 80s. it was during its hey days that even clocks on the walls of offices, warehouses and schools bore the mark of this famous IT firm. now, you can relive those glory days of IBM in your very home with this 1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock presented to you by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. described as a faithful reproduction of the classic IBM indicator clocks, this vintage replica is assembled in Portland, Oregon and constructed with a spun steel case with a gorgeous domed glass lens. Continue reading 1960s IBM 13.5-inch Standard Issue Clock

Moooi Mistral will change the way you look at ceiling fans

Moooi Mistral 900x600px
(image: Moooi) Moooi Mistral | about US$960.00 |

well, the fan integrated with a lamp in the Moooi Mistral is not actually a fan per say but rather, it is a ventilator. at least that’s what Moooi Works is telling us. regardless, it is a refreshing change to traditional ceiling fan with lamp combo. it features five yellow wooden blades tucked away in the shade, shielded by a circular design grille that reminisces of an actual industrial ventilator. the fan or ventilator provides cooling for the room and the wind direction is reversible. which means that you can either circulate the air or draws away stale air or sort. the lamp’s shine is projected through an intricate glass diffuser and further brightness is further assisted by the lamp shade’s chrome inner finish. the Mistral comes with downloads of varying lengths to suit a variety of ceiling heights and it can even be adapted to for use on sloped ceilings up to 33 degrees steep. Continue reading Moooi Mistral will change the way you look at ceiling fans

NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept

NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept 720x405px
(image: NextofKin Creatives) NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept | US$na |

we don’t need to emphasize the fact that we love concepts and why we do. along with that love, we also have the insatiable penchant for gorgeous things like this concept chainsaw dreamed up by Singapore design studio, NextofKin Creatives. the NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw, as it is called, is a contemporary take of the otherwise brute and menacing look of the traditional chainsaw. no details of what goes into this kitchenware-look chainsaw but despite skepticism that it would most definitely garners, i kind of like the design. speaking of which, i have an odd feeling that this chainsaw will feel more at home in the kitchen, sitting next to the KitchenAid appliances, then in the woods or garage. we just want to ignore the practicality aspect and admire this work of art. Continue reading NOK Gear Portable Chainsaw Concept

Umbra Multi Hook is when art and coat hook collides

Umbra Sticks Multi Hook 544x678px
(image: Umbra) Umbra Sticks Multi Hook | US$20.00 |

we love art and we also love functional things. let’s be honest, who doesn’t? there is also one thing that we are fond of and that is to stow away things that are not in use, and only to deploy them when required. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook does exactly all of the above: it has the artistic component presented in what looks like some randomly placed sticks, it functions to organize your coats, and when you don’t need them (the hooks), just flip them up and it functions as an art piece on your wall. it is essentially, an abstract sculpture and functional coat hooks combined, while not looking too overly designed. what’s not to love? oh, in case you are wondering… the Sticks Multi Hook has five flip-down hooks. the Umbra Sticks Multi Hook comes in black or white, and can be yours for a modest price of $20 a pop. Continue reading Umbra Multi Hook is when art and coat hook collides

The Silhouette – maybe we do need a floating lamp after all

Light Light The Silhouette 900x600px
(image: Light Light) Light Light The Silhouette | €980.00 |

conceived by design graduate Angela Jansen and engineer, Ger Jansen, the Silhouette really teases our imagination with its levitating lamp. do we really need a floating lamp? perhaps we do, just to have a piece of the future in the present or maybe, appreciating an engineering marvel that you can actually own. handcrafted of wood and covered by fabric, the upper part of the lamp is kept in suspension by the means of electromagnetic components and a “sophisticated control system.” it also uses the latest LED technology for the light and its 300 LUX can be dimmed to your desired intensity at a touch. so there you have it, a light that not just functional but packed with technologies that you thought only Jetson family could have. the best part is, it could be yours for €980 a pop or about US$$1,340 based on the current going rate. Continue reading The Silhouette – maybe we do need a floating lamp after all

three wing chairs touched by Tokidoki, Zutto & Kozyndan

ClickbyArt Limited Edition Wing Chair 896x512px
(photos: ClickforArt) Tokidoki Singapore Wing Chair / Kozyndan Toss Wing Chair / Zutto Cherries Wing Chair | £1,595.00 |

if you love to live and breathe art, these classic British wing chairs touched by renown artists like Tokidoki, Kozyndan, and Zutto should appeal to your artistic taste bud. limited to just 33 pieces, and each chair sequentially numbered, this modern classic are genuine made in the UK items, as crafted by a veteran furniture making firm that has 65 years of furniture craftsmanship under its belt. materials used in the construction for this beauties are kiln dried hardwood birch and beech, solid beech wood, high density foam and finally, faux suede completes this gorgeous package. the Tokidoki’s piece entitled ‘Singapore’ was designed by Simone Legno to commemorate his 5-meter tailor-made sculpture installations ‘Caesar’ at the K11 Art Mall in Singapore. Continue reading three wing chairs touched by Tokidoki, Zutto & Kozyndan

rev–>table has digital DNA, making it last forever

Supermechanical rev-->table 900x550pxbr />(photos: Supermechanical) rev–>table | US$667.00 |

remember that side table that you adores so much but have to let go because of wear and tear? traumatic experience, huh? but that need not be the case if its superbly built like this rev–>table as engineered by MIT startup, Supermechanical and even if it does break a leg or two, its laser etched barcode aluminum plate on the tabletop contains the blueprint which allows you to recreate part of the table or the whole table even when the product is discontinued. now, who says beautiful does not last? the table top is made from solid wood and the legs are of laser cut item from “cold-rolled steel, bent on computer-controlled press brakes.” and topped with “an industrial-grade powdercoat” that ensures its longevity, and if it doesn’t, there’s always the digital DNA with the table’s blueprint to fall back on. all you need is a smartphone that can scan the two-dimensional barcode to retrieve the stored DXF files, send it to your local machine shop and have the damaged part replaced in no time. Continue reading rev–>table has digital DNA, making it last forever

Pallet Chairs – they are stylish and totally reclaimed

Open Back Pallet Chair 900x600px
(photos: Clarke Titus) Pallet Chairs | from US$99.00 |

a lot of us aren’t aware that something as mundane as pallets could do more after they have served their primarily duty but thanks to Clarke Titus, these old shipping pallets that had probably shouldered something much heavier than you and me, are getting a new lease of life in the form of rustic looking chairs. yeap, they still carry some weight but now, they look a little different from their birth and carry something a whole lot lighter,well, hopefully. suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these chairs currently exist in three models: Pallet Chair, Open Back Pallet Chair, and Pallet Captain’s Chair. all these chair are faithfully cobbled together by Clarke Titus from reclaimed old shipping pallets and available for your taking. Continue reading Pallet Chairs – they are stylish and totally reclaimed

LED Lenser X21 Flashlight – $350 of LED performance

LED Lenser X21 Flashlight 640x396px
(photos: LED Lenser) LED Lenser X21 Flashlight | €259.90 |

if you are in the market for a real powerful flashlight, i think your search can probably stop here. the sleek LED flashlight (some call them torch light) you see here, is the LED Lenser X21 Flashlight that is blessed with seven ultra-bright, high performance LED modules paired with seven terminator lenses to produce a blazing beam of light that would make the car headlamps look lame and that my friend, is how bright the 1,000 lumens of retina-burning light is. the advanced focus system is in placed to allow user to adjust the light cone dynamically and when tightly focused, the stream of light can reach up to an astounding 1,755 feet (about 535-meters or five and half football fields). Continue reading LED Lenser X21 Flashlight – $350 of LED performance