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Gerber Steady Tool – multi-tool with tripod

you are caught in a zombie apocalypse, huddling up at a remote corner of a run down building, trying to get as much video journal of your latest survival log uploaded to your tumblr site. but first, you got to get your iPhone prop up somehow. bugger. if only your multi-tool could double as a tripod for your iPhone or camera. well, that’s not an impossibility if you have the Gerber Steady Tool. from its name, you can’t really tell what it is but the Gerber Steady Tool is in fact a multi-tool with tripod functionality that fits compact digital cameras (up to 340 grams) and smartphones (up to 170 grams). Continue reading Gerber Steady Tool – multi-tool with tripod

Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit

according to some, the world will not end with a bang but rather, the mankind will face the threat from the undead. you know, those flesh-eating zombies and stuff like that. in that case, you’d better be prepared to face the worst or risk being eaten alive, or becoming part of the undead community. before you get to big ticket items like purchasing a highland with nuclear-proof bunker built beneath, it is wise to start from the basic survival (or self defense, if you like) level like purchasing the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit. packed within the reinforced canvas carrying case are a total of seven survival tools that include gator machete, camp axe II, gator machete pro, parang, a 10-inch survival knife known as the LMF II Infantry, DMF folder (basically, a 3.5-inch folding knife), and Epic (a short knife with a bonus bottle opener). Continue reading Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit

iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot

iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot
(photos: iRobot) iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot | US$499.99 |

we have too many things to attend to and therefore, we tend to neglect the basic chores in our home like vacuuming and mopping the floor. that’s bad because we end up kicking up a pile of dust when comes back home after a hard day’s work. a domestic helper would be nice but if you only need a little help in keeping your floor in pristine condition, perhaps a robot cleaning machine is that you need. well, at least it is a one-time investment and don’t have fork out money on monthly basis or put up with incompetent domestic helper. meet the iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot that will solve your floor cleaning issue. Continue reading iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Washing Robot

Plug Lamp for ateljé Lyktan

Plug Lamp
Plug Lamp for ateljé Lyktan | 2,800 SEK |

unless your home’s work desk is designed like an office cubicle, you probably won’t have a power outlet readily available to you at the desk level. at this point, don’t you just wish the desk lamp sitting there can do something more than just lighting up? like having a power outlet as well? that’s exactly what the Plug Lamp has. as the name implies, the Plug Lamp is a desk lamp with an integrated electrical socket, allowing you to conveniently plug in your laptop, smartphone or any devices that you want to charge. the concept is exceedingly simple and yet pretty compelling. all this while we have been bending down and knocking our heads while trying to plug something into the socket that’s at the bottom of the wall, under our desk. it makes us look dumb, really. Continue reading Plug Lamp for ateljé Lyktan

Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames

Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames
(photos: Art Vinyl) Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames | US$53.00 |

some people swear by vinyl records and we can understand why. sound aside, we think vinyl records cover art makes a pretty good collectible item. let’s not go into how bulky or fragile they are. as a vinyl fan, you probably has a huge collection stash in boxes and boxes of carton box and it would be crime not to show them off. let yourself down but don’t let those beautiful cover arts down. that’s where Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames can help. it is essentially a picture frame designed to stylishly display your record cover with its content on your wall. changing of the record cover is as easy as flipping open the front frame and a special ‘sponge finger’ system on its back caters to record of different thickness. Continue reading Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames

Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture

Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture - Baby Van Dyke with Hive Table
(photos: Zachary A. Design) Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture Collection | from US$199.00 |

you know the problem with laying out furniture in your backyard? either they gets weathered easily or they are so light that they often landed into your neighbors’ – or both. what you need is something that’s stylishly cool and yet will not stray into your neighbor’s territory, something like the Stone Furniture Collection from Zachary A. Design. this uber cool outdoor furniture are crafted from lightweight material but with the futuristic look of solid cement. they are heavy enough to stay where they are supposed to be and yet light enough to be moved around, plus they will definitely make your garden stands out from the horde of wood-based furniture decorated backyards. Continue reading Zachary A. Design Stone Furniture

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium
(photos: Aquavista) Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium | from US$995.00 |

rearing ornamental fishes as a hobby is considered a chore to us. seriously. imagine the constant worry about forgetting to feed the poor fishes and not to mention the need to clean up the aquarium every now and then. regardless of how we loathe the chore associated with an aquarium (with live fishes, of course), we still appreciate the sense of tranquility it adds to the living room – we just wish somebody would do the chore and leave the appreciation to us. wishful thinking, we know. however, this Panoramic Wall Aquarium from Aquavista seems like a perfect solution for folks like us. it is a large widescreen wall mounted aquarium that reminiscent of your large screen plasma TV and has a host of features that allow you to spend more time absorbing the tranquility than up keeping it. Continue reading Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

KettlePizza – wood-fired pizza at your backyard

(photos: KettlePizza) KettlePizza | from US$129.95 |

have you ever wonder why grilled food goes well with a bottle of cold one on a hot sunny day at your backyard and not wood-fired pizzas? the answer is obvious but if it wasn’t, let us drop you a hint: you probably don’t have an easily storable wood-fire pit at your backyard. that’s why. however, you could change your routine beer-grill food practice into, you know, the beer-grilled food-pizza combo, if you have the KettlePizza. it is a stainless steel pizza oven that sits between the top and bottom of your standard round kettle grills, turning it into a pizza oven complete with a high temperature thermometer and a front opening for feeding/retrieving your pizza. Continue reading KettlePizza – wood-fired pizza at your backyard

Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner
(photos: Dyson) Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner | US$tba |

you know why they call housekeeping routines as household chores? because it is indeed a chore and unless you have the financial capacity to engage a domestic helper, you probably has to execute those chores yourself. let’s not take self-pity on ourselves, shall we? if it got to be done, it has to be done and that said, why not make those chores more enjoyable with something functional and yet, as good-looking as the Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner? the DC36 features Dyson’s Ball technology that offers ease of maneuverability over tight corners, hygienic bin emptying without contacting the dirt, Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology for maximum suction power, ability to capture microscopic particles, and it does need any vacuum bag, thus the vacuum does not lose its power over time. Continue reading Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Britannia Furniture Collection

Britannia Collection
(photos: Britannia Furniture Collection | from £35.00 |

we know how good the Union Jack looks on the roof of the Mini Cooper. in fact, we didn’t know the Union Jack could look this good apart of being a national color and that was when we got hooked. you know what? we bet you didn’t know that they look equally awesome on furniture as well, even more so when it has the ‘washed out’ look as seen in the Britannia Furniture Collection. the collection includes a series of cushions in a choice of Union Jack design in different hues, oversized beanbags, storage bench, storage box, Ottoman and last but not least, armchairs. needless to say, the highlight of these furnitures is the lovely Union Jack design. Continue reading Britannia Furniture Collection