Speech-Language Pathologist Teaches Her Pet Dog To “Talk” Using Buttons

While we are dying to know why Talking Cat can talk like a regular person in Rick and Morty’s universe (or universes?), here on Earth we have a dog that kind of talks. Unlike the eccentric Talking Cat, Christina Hunger’s canine friend does not actually talk with voice. That will totally creep everyone out.

Volkswagen Envisioned EV Charging Station That Comes To Your Electric Vehicle

While Tesla Motors and Fisker aims to have more charging stations, Volkswagen envisioned a future where charging station comes to your electric vehicle. You heard that right. We are talking about mobile charging robots here.

Folks, Meet The Real Future Of Electric Vehicles: The Nawa Racer

Electric vehicles from the likes of electric cars to electric bikes to electric mobility like e-scooters we have seen thus far, none of them are as truly groundbreaking. They are, well, just battery-operated vehicle, but that is until now.

E INK Demoed Color e-Paper, Signals A Colorful Future For E-ink Display

The benefits of e-paper, AKA e-ink, are obvious. It consumes less power, it’s always-on, it won’t break like glass displays do, has wide viewing angle, and it is lightweight and totally sunlight readable – just to name a few. However, enjoying those benefits means giving up on colors, but that’s until now.

New Wearable Neuro Tech Promised To Make You Fall Asleep Quicker And Stay Asleep Longer

If you are having trouble getting a good night sleep all the time like me and prefer not to pop pills, then you may want to take look at the this new wearable sleeping aid called Modius SLEEP.

You Will Need This Accurate To 1/100th Of A Second Clock If You Are Planning To Do A Rocket Launch

Planning a rocket launch? Well, if so, then you will need a precision clock because, every 1/100th of a second counts and precision time-telling is precisely what the Mitxela Precision Clock Mk II1/2 has to offer.

Teen Created “Invisible” A-Pillar Jaguar Land Rover Is Working On With Everyday Electronics

The ideal car would be one that has a bubble top, so drivers could see all round, eliminating any blind spot. But I guess bubble top cars are stuff of fantasy. Something we will only see in The Jetsons. So, making the A-pillar of automobiles invisible is probably our best bet for now.

Caper Smart Shopping Cart Is Essentially A Push-along Self-checkout

While some companies opt to bring the supermarket to you and some even went to the extend of eliminating the entire checkout process with a grocery store designed from the ground up, retail technology company Caper, Inc. improves on the current system with tech.