Disney Imagineering Duke Weaselton Dynamic Robotic Character

Disney took the wrap off the new Zootopia land at Shanghai Disneyland at a keynote. During the keynote, an unexpected “guest” made an appearance. It was Duke Weaselton of Zootopia. And no. It was not a projection of the animated character; it was an animatronic/robotic iteration of the smart-mouthed weasel.

Disney Imagineering Duke Weaselton Dynamic Robotic Character

Walt Disney Imagineering recently showcased their innovative approach to robotics with Duke Weaselton, a new robotic character, at the opening of the first-ever Zootopia land in Shanghai Disney Resort.

This character, alongside a unique kiosk, which is also an independently actuated robot, demonstrates the potential of collaborative robots working together to enhance entertainment experiences.

Duke Weaselton, an expressive, bipedal robot, and the kiosk, a simple wheeled system, combine to deliver dynamic and compelling performances that neither could achieve alone.

Disney Imagineering Duke Weaselton Dynamic Robotic Character

Enabled by robust and flexible design, this collaboration represents a significant advancement in entertainment robotics, showcasing a blend of creativity and technical innovation that promises to redefine audience engagement.

This is not the first robot from Imagineering, though. Previously, Walt Disney Imagineering has shown off its free-roaming robotic actor and free-roaming characters, the robot stuntman, indestructible robots, and more.

The team is not just in the business of developing animatronics and robots; they are involved in the development of thrill rides, omnidirectional walking floors, working lightsabers, and more. Skip ahead for a video on Duke Weaselton’s dynamic robotic character as well as a video of the said keynote at Shanghai Disneyland.

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Images: Walt Disney Imagineering.

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