Letting kids stare at OLED/LCD display for extended period of time is not good for their vision. But it is inevitable, whether it is for play or for education. Enters CINEMOOD 360.

Instead of display panel, CINEMOOD 360 is a projector. It boasts immersive 360-degree video and responsive motion games in a compact package that is durable and safe for kids.

CINEMOOD 360 Kids-friendly Projector

Features include Texas Instruments Corp. Digital Light Processor (DLP), motion tracking sensors, pre-loaded educational Disney content, compatibility with popular streaming services, screen-mirroring function, 2x faster over its predecessor, pre-loaded 360-degree educational games and videos, and an expanded 32 GB internal storage.

The CINEMOOD 360 Kids-friendly Projector is a compact 3-inch cube that is design to be handle kids. It is capable of projection at up to 12 feet in dark or dim environments, and further touts an integrated 2.5W speaker, Bluetooth, WiFi and a battery good for up to 5 hours of use.

CINEMOOD 360 will retail for $499.99 when it becomes available this December. However, limited quantity is made available for pre-order for 40 percent discount, at $299.99 a pop.


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