Fellatio Cafe Setting Up Shop In UK

Man suffers from morning wood, but the boner won’t persist till you have your cuppa at your favorite coffee joint. However, that doesn’t mean a man can’t get it up when his trusty companion is called upon, such as in a cafe called Fellatio Cafe. Fellatio Cafe is exactly what it sounds like: a cafe that serves not just coffee and pastries, but one that comes with a blow job, aka oral sex, for a fee, of course. As crazy as it may sound, it is a real thing and it is coming to London, which makes you go “really? London, are you sure?” Yes. It is.

The cafe is own by the same chap who made the headlines earlier this year when he announced Fellatio Cafe in Geneva. The Geneva’s cafe, btw, is set to open for launch on December 5, 2016. Just so you know it ain’t bulls. Anywho, the cafe, if you haven’t already read about it, will offer customers, apart from the usual coffee and some pastries, a list of escorts to choose from. Customer will pick his fancy from an iPad and the heightening sensation down south will begin shortly as you chill out with the cuppa. Though it is not clear if the activity down south is the dessert or it will serve with the coffee.

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As for pricing, expect to shell out 50 English money (around US$66, or 60 euros at the Geneva branch) for the coffee/blow job combo. But that’s just the base charge; if you overrun, you will need to drop £10 (about US$13) more for every extra 15 minutes, or put up with blue balls. Damn, that’s nasty!

Images: Fellatio Cafe.

via Independent