Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones

Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones
(photos: Final Audio Design) Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones | about US$8,000.00 |

wearing a pair of headphones adorned with crystals or splashed with funky colors might speaks about your individuality but they somehow lacks the character, so to speak. how about snagging a pair oversized cans that’s crafted from stainless steel? yup, you heard that right. from the folks who brought to you those ridiculously pricey in-ear headphones, come yet another pair of audiophile around-ear headphones that is set to blow your individual ego and likely, your bank account too. meet the MURAMASA VIII headphones, a pair of larger-than-usual sound cans that is machined out from stainless steel and sports audiophile-grade internals like two-way driver that includes a 40mm driver and an independent 8mm tweeter to handle the high frequency notes. all told, the MURAMASA VIII weighs in at a hefty 850 grams with an equally hefty price tag of around $8,000 a pair. wow. in case you are undaunted by its pricing, you’d be glad to know it will be out in the wild come this April.

Final Audio Design [JP] via Born Rich

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