Here we are, thinking that the good’ol 3.5-inch floppy disk is dead. Actually, it couldn’t be more dead. That’s the fact. 1.44 MB available on the storage media we once depended on has no place in today’s world and that’s not to mention the horrendous read/write speeds. No wait. Actually, it does have a place today but definitely not as a storage media. The Floppy Disc Powerbank by thumbsUP! is not quite the floppy disk you knew. While it may bear the same likeness as the forefather of digital storage, save for the increased thickness, it is actually a powerbank, AKA portable battery, that offers 2,500 mAh of juice to revive your dead phone.

Floppy Disc Powerbank by thumbsUP!

As with any powerbank, it comes with an LED indicator, a microUSB port to recharge the floppy disk and also a USB port for hooking up with your smartphone for charging via a regular charging cable. Everything is pretty much standard, really, with the exception for its novel aesthetic which we could only describe as ‘fun’ and nostalgia-provoking. And no, we do not think the shutter or the write protect is functional at all and obviously, it won’t fit into any floppy drives if you still have those. Even if it can, we see no purpose in it. This is a freaking portable battery, not a storage media like the original which it borrow the looks from.

I know, a lot of nostalgic, gadget lovers will immediately jumped on one, but unfortunately, pricing and availability are not known at this point.

Images: thumbsUp!

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