form flowing land-hover craft for 2053 is a beauty

Chase 2053 img1 544px
(image credit: Thomas Larsen Røed)

the concept of us flying for everyday short trips is kind of scary, so shall we just start with hovering instead? at least that what designer Thomas Larsen Røed has envisioned with his vehicle of the future, aptly named Chase 2053. it is a vehicle for the year 2053, which can be driven around as a normal car or as a hovercraft. i cannot imagine the curse from the pedestrian when the Chase 2053 hovers past them. the downward thrust could turn off anyone easily, not to mention the amount of dust it’s going to kick up.
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nevertheless, this form flowing Chase 2053 is the vehicle of the future constructed from composite materials, carbon fiber skin, carbon nanotube skin and organically grown materials. the engine or engines powering this vehicle would be a slush hydrogen engine and jet engine. sounds unbelievable? well, it might just well be a possibility, except for the hovering part which i’m skeptical about. just a thought, since we have Land Rover, we should just call this Land Hover. sounds good?

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