Four Ways To make Your Next Career Leap

Many of us feel, at some stage in our lives, that we’re in a rut. Our career has lost pace, our learning has stalled, and we’re feeling a little uninspired. It’s in these moments that we tend to plan ahead, finding ways to progress our careers or leap into something new and exciting.

But you can always use a helping hand in this regard – and that’s where this article comes in. Offering four ways that you can make a successful leap in your career, this article is all about inspiring the uninspired and motivating those who have lost motivation.

Online Learning

One of the best ways to bring newness and fresh ideas into your life is through education. This investment in your skills and knowledge can take years – especially in the case of online degree programs – but will pay dividends when you end up using that knowledge to boost your career, apply for more senior roles, or change your vocational field entirely.

Look to leading online program providers like those offered at in order to sign on to the program that matters most to you bring flexible learning into your weekly lifestyle.


If your career is leaving you feeling a little uninspired, then one way out of that predicament is to meet new people. You can do this in a social setting by meeting the friends of friends at parties and gatherings, or even by joining a club that’ll introduce you to a number of new people.

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But you can also do this in the setting of the workplace, chatting to senior managers or using websites such as LinkedIn to find people who may have positions or knowledge that could help you change the direction of your career. People matter to your career, so invest time in them to see them guide you to more inspiring heights.


It’s tiring applying for jobs. Many of us would rather remain in our current position, however uninspiring it may be, rather than spend hours every week getting together the resources we need to apply for a job that we find particularly inspiring. But applications are your path to something new and exciting, however dull and laborious that process might be.

So if you set aside sometime each week to make these applications, diligently writing cover letters and filling in forms, you could find yourself in a new career in a matter of weeks.


There’s a final strategy that works for millions of workers across the world, and that’s quitting your job to go on a solo venture on which you are your own boss.

You’ll take with you the years of experience you’ve gathered in your current firm and a fresh excitement that you’re trying something risky and new. This is an option for those who have a business idea, who have experience that they can bring to a consulting role, or who have skills they can use in a freelance capacity.

Make one or more of these lifestyle changes in order to make a great leap in your career – becoming eligible for new roles and exciting opportunities.

Featured image: Unsplash (Clark Tibbs).