Video editing plays a vital role in the marketing industry. Be it a beginner editor, or a professional editor, the requirement for a good video editor is always on the rise. The editor can find an appropriate pick from the video editing software market depending on the requirement if they wish to edit movies on Windows. Though apps like iMovie edits are not really usable for Android or Windows systems, there are many alternatives that help in editing a video.

Before downloading iMovie for Windows, it is recommended to check for the FAQs to get a basic understanding of the software functionality. In general, some important factors need to be understood. Read on to know more about such editing software.


  1. Customer Support
    An organization’s customer support is one of the strongest indicators of its product quality. If one purchases any video editing software from the site, it is recommended to check whether the given customer care number is functional. If the call happens to not connect on the first try, it is recommended to wait for the call-back from the organization. Checking the time taken to get the call-back will be insightful.
  2. The Tools and Specs
    ● Based on the hierarchy and position of the person, they would have different expectations from the software. Usually, professional editors need advanced features on the software such as intelligent color match, advanced 360-degree editing, tracking of object motion, one-click color correction, color grading, action camera center, and MultiCam designer.
    Meanwhile, beginners require basic video editing options such as cropping files, adding background music, merging files, and ready-to-go template frames.
    ● Specifically, when it comes to video-centric professions such as YouTube and digital marketing, the need for features will be very different. In such instances, it is essential to know beforehand what the software offers. Thus, it is recommended to choose the alternatives of iMovie for windows by running a free trial. The software trial period varies from one usage to one month.


The pricing of iMovie for windows varies depending on the features of the software. As a novice, one can choose the software with features that make editing easier. Such features include easy UI, relocation of files, downsizing of files, and rotation of files. In such software, usually, one can add additional effects via the audio noise effect and through the built-in voice recorder.

Features for Professional Editing

For someone with good editing skills, software that offers a range of professional features such as 2S/ 3D titles/ captions, color correction, and enables quick uploads to various social media platforms can be chosen. Such editing software ensures that the user gains professional editing knowledge throughout the usage via several features such as CCES graphics, motion graphics, and a lot more. In brief, such an editing tool is a good choice for those who would like to continue learning the art of editing throughout their filmmaking career. Usually, such software will be available for up to 295 USD.

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Editing Aspects and Effects

● Such software usually consists of features such as cropping of video, removing audio, insertion of audio, modifying the speed of the video, adding effects to video, and adjusting every video clip’s audio. Software within this expectation range includes overwriting files, adding color to the timeline, built-in templates, profile assets, and FX. For someone with good editing skills and low-range computers, such software is available at every price range.

● Finally, for those expecting advanced features, many software is available in the range of 130 USD. Such software contains 6 camera editing in 360 degrees, audio editing with the extensive library of readily-available royalty-free music, and 4K professional-grade video effects.

● Youtubers, digital marketers, anyone else from the video-centric profession can make use of free software that would provide features on-par with the high-priced standard editing software. People prefer such free software because of the ability to upload videos on social media platforms comparatively faster. Usually, such software has major features such as Chroma key functionality and animated text. The user can switch to the premium version anytime to experience additional features on the app.

Other Features

Other readily-available features include a wide range of visual effects, the transformation of objects, correction of volume, various effects on audio, and correction of color on the screen. While choosing the app, users should note the app-specific aspects such as small screen video preview, nonstandard workflow/ layout, and in-depth understanding of the application takes considerably a certain period of time. Understanding these aspects will help make the best out of the app.


There is various editing software available in the market. The options are generally categorized based on ease of operation, hierarchical level of requirements (beginner/ moderate/ professional), free/ paid, number of free features, number of paid features, and a lot more. Every person/ organization has different requirements, and by filtering the search as per the requirements, one could find the perfect app for windows that functions as per expectations.

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