The media is a wide and varied area, and with so much of it dominating our lives. It’s no wonder that many young people – and some older ones – are choosing to start a career in this sector. Yet with so much competition, what are the best ways to start a career in media that will give you as many opportunities as possible to get the job you want? Read on to find out where to start.

A Good Degree

A Good Degree
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As with many things in life, having a good education behind you is always going to be the place to start. You can apply to colleges to study degrees in specific subjects such as media studies, film, advertising, and radio programming, or you can be less specialized and opt for a degree in general studies.

In order to choose which degree is going to be best for you, you should have an idea of what you want to do with your media career. The options are seemingly endless, and potential jobs include:

• Broadcast journalist
• Filmmaker
• Social media analyst
Digital marketer
• Writer
• Animator
• Director
• Multimedia programmer
• Program researcher
• Journalist
• Camera operator
• And so many more

If you definitely know which area you want to go into, you can search for a degree closely related to it. Otherwise, a general studies degree as mentioned above is a great way to leave your options open and still get a great education.


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Having a degree is a good start, but it won’t put you above the thousands of other applicants who are looking for a career in media. Gaining experience, as well as a degree, will, so it’s crucial that you go out and get the experience needed.

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This might be done by applying for an entry-level job that you can work in as well as study. Although it won’t be at the level you want, it will still be an excellent experience and will show future employers that you are serious about a career in media. Alternatively, you might volunteer at events, gaining experience that way. This can be ideal because, although you won’t be paid, you can manage your time more easily, which can be a help when you are studying.

Finally, you can start up your own YouTube channel to showcase your media skills. This might be in the form of filmmaking, directing, writing, performing, or in music. Having a channel with a number of subscribers will impress at interview and help to secure the job that you want.


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Networking isn’t just for business people in suits; it’s for everyone who wants to get on in their careers. You’ve heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,’ and this is partly true. Who you know can be important when it comes to finding a job after graduating. It won’t necessarily mean that you can walk directly into the right position, but it could mean that you are pointed in the right direction and given plenty of advice and inspiration.

Don’t forget, though, that no matter who you know, your education – the ‘what’ you know – is still extremely important.

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