Creating a game is no easy task and so, you’d forgive the developers if they just grab numbers from the thin air and dump them into the in-game characters, especially for those numbers play no significance to the gameplay. Such is likely what happen to the still a little hot game Pokémon Go mobile game. If you play Pokémon Go, you will noticed each Pokémon is assigned with several parameters, including CP (combat power), HP (health), along with its supposed weight and height. To be honest, I never take a serious at the latter two numbers as they are probably insignificant to the game, though the appraiser do briefly mention the size sometimes.

Anyways, an illustrator known as Reef1600 AKA SanomSai decided to pick up the height and weight of these Pokémon as indicated in the game and reimagined the creatures as close as to those supposed metrics. The result is a series of doodles that’s nothing short of hilarious. Go ahead and have a look. Tell me you are laughing away at SanomSai re-creations. On a side note, I think Pokémon will be a little less Pokémon if they really look like the doodles. Enjoy!

Btw, Reef refers to her doodles as “Exorcist Go” which in itself is pretty funny, and that’s not to mention the description which goes like this:

Maybe we played the wrong game (the) whole time… this is a bunch of GHOST Pokemon, I’ve drawn for you guys. The nature of Pokemon world is so CRUEL.

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Cruel indeed… to us, cos’ we simply can’t stop laughing!

Images: SanomSai via 9Gag.

via 9Gag

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