with 4K videoing becoming a common place, we are not going to kid ourselves that a regular SD card or USB flash drive is going cut it. no way. those UHD files are monstrous which means it requires whatever digital storage space you can harness and at a speed that won’t strangle your productivity. with the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2, it will have both your storage concern and desire for speed addressed. the second generation Thunderbolt built into it offers a mind-bending 1,375 MB/s and 1,180 MB/s read and write speed respectively, and it has two of them to get things going. the timeless Neil Poulton classic d2 enclosure protects the internals, which comprises of a pair of PCIe SSDs offering 1TB of storage and the necessary circuitry, and also aids the large thermoregulated fan in taking the heat away from this workhorse.

the much smaller PCIe SSDs allows LaCie to create a powerful, fast storage solution that fits in the palm of your hand and tipping the scale at just 1.4 lbs (620g). it offers three ways of usage: RAID 0 for maximum speed and capacity, RAID 1 for mirrored storage, and JBOD which allows each drive to be used independently of each other. other details include support for daisy chaining of up to six devices, support for DisplayPort 1.2, AES 256-bit software encryption, and built-in Kensington lock. and it uses the same cables and connectors as the first-generation Thunderbolt too. don’t you just love that you don’t need to get acquainted with another new type of cable? the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is officially up for grab in exchange for $1,300 of your monies. yes. it is pricey, but we are assuming that you are getting this to deal with 4K projects which could only mean that you’re doing A-ok. no? more product look after the break.

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