you’ll be surprised how many people are into robotic developments, but lacks of the knowhow and budget to pursue this fascinating hobby. that was in the past where one basic servo could cost 60 bucks upward, but thanks to company like EZ Robot, tinkering and educating yourself about robot is no longer reserved for rich (frictional) folks like Tony Stark. the kits are designed with accessibility in mind so that anyone and everyone can get into creating robots. no programming knowledge or formal experience in robotic developments is necessary, but if you have either one or both, i guess it will be more fun. there are three models to choose from under the firm’s Reolvution line, including a humanoid known as JD, a rover-like tracked vehicle with panning camera Roli, and a hexapod called Six.

the parts, which are known as EZ-Bits, are made of high-quality durable plastic utilizing the firm’s Clip ‘n’ Play technology that allow building without the need for tools. since all the robots use the same Clip ‘n’ Play technology, the parts are totally interchangeable among the different models. if you have a 3D printer, you can even print your own parts. at the heart of the system is a custom robot controller powered by a 120MHz ARM Cortex-M3 chip and built-in WiFi or Bluetooth capability allows for wireless control of your creation from a desktop PC or laptop, while onboard 24-bit digital ports facilitate the connection necessary for motors, sensors and LEDs. being a complete package, EZ Robot also offers easy to use software with step-by-step building guide in 3D, drag-and-drop controls for customizing robot behaviors, plus access to other resources that would help you in your ‘career’ in robotic development. you can even create custom robot apps letting you control your droid from Android or iOS mobile devices.

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surely, you can’t get more versatile then this and all these, comes with a price tag that you would normally pay for a high-end RC vehicle. the EZ Robot Revolution Kits are available now starting at $449.

EZ Robot via Uncrate

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