In this digital age, hardly do we print photos. Seriously, why should we when digital images like Apple Live Photos move? Plus, videos and GIFs are more fun, aren’t they? But if you have LifePrint, then that’s an entirely different story. LifePrint is an augmented reality photo and wait for this… video printer. Yup. It totally can print video, well, not literally. It won’t churn out a display with moving images. Instead, the cartridge-free printer prints out on ink-free Zink paper which, when view with your smartphone’s camera, present itself as a video, or live photos.

It may sound a little counterintuitive, but it does give folks the best of both worlds: a physical copy of the photo, as well as the video part of it when view with the companion app on their smartphone. I’d say its a win-win situation. In essence, LifePrint is an app, a social printer network and a portable printer rolled into one. The fact that it can deliver augmented reality photos instantly is kind of a tech magic. Or as some may say, it is almost like Harry Potter, except that you will need the app and smartphone for the magic to happen.

Speaking of social, you can also share these moving photos with your family, friends, or followers if you are a celebrity of sort, by printing to the individual’s LifePrint printer regardless of where they are in the world. LifePrint Augmented Reality Printer was a successful funded Kickstarter campaign, but fret not if you missed it. It is now on Indiegogo’s InDemand where you can pre-order one for $129. Check out the campaign video below to learn more.

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