The mention of pressure forming machine, it probably conjures up an image of a clunky, very industrial-looking machine that probably stands on its own. In other words, pressure forming is something you can’t do at home but that changes with the Mayku Multiplier.

Mayku Multiplier Desktop Pressure Forming Machine

Mayku Multiplier is a desktop pressure forming machine that is designed to, well, fit on your desktop and enables the production of highly detailed molds and production parts in a matter of minutes.

I know. It is hard to believe an industrial-grade manufacturing process that has been traditionally used to create molds and parts instantly can be done at the home, office, or even a kitchen.

Mayku Multiplier Desktop Pressure Forming Machine

What’s more is, the Mayku Multiplier uses pressure when forming heated sheet material to achieve the finest details and the sharpest edges possible, and doing so in minutes in a machine that does not only fit on a regular desktop but looks extremely stylish.

Yes. You heard that right. A stylish pressure-forming machine. Those are two things that, until the arrival of Mayku Multiplier, never been associated with each other. Not surprisingly, the super cool look is a result of Teenage Engineering’s involvement in designing the machine.

Mayku Multiplier Desktop Pressure Forming Machine

A limited number of Mayku Multiplier Pressure Forming Machine will be available to order in 2022 and at an introductory price of US$2,799, which is 44% off its eventual retail price of US$4,999.

Mayku Multiplier Desktop Pressure Forming Machine

Images: Mayku.

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