incredible homemade pulse laser gun that actually works!

DIY Pulse Laser Gun main 544x388px
(image credit: Patrick Priebe)

laser is used for the refractive surgery procedure to rectify short-sightedness but the laser in this gun isn’t the Lasik that i had in mind. looking into this gun could literally make you go blind. i’m not kidding. created by Patrick Priebe, this is a real working pulse laser gun is capable of unleashing a 1-kilowatt pulse, which is enough to punch holes in plastic sheet and pop balloons up to a 3 meter range. constructed out of brass, aluminum for the casing and Plexi for the center-plate, it took Patrick approximately 70-hours of work to complete. the ultimate goal was to create a handheld pulse laser gun that was as compact as possible and so here it is, a 320mm long Pulse Laser Gun that weighs just 2 lbs. check out the video of the Pulse Laser Gun in action after the jump. why am i getting a feeling that the military will be knocking on Patrick’s door…

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wheelbench: when wheelbarrow meets bench seat

Weltevree Wheelbench main 544x388px
(image credit: Weltevree) Weltevree Wheelbench | €1,140.00 |

there are bound to have a situation where extra benches are required for the overwhelming turn out at a sporting event and inevitably, more benches have to be added. surely, you can’t leave the spectators sitting on the lawn, right? the weight of the benches would mean that at least two person are required to put them into position. the Wheelbench solves that wretch problem by giving it a wheelbarrow wheel and a pair of handle on the opposite end. the result is a quick deployment of the benches as and when you need it. simple solution for every bugging problem. life couldn’t be more sweeter.

this preserved Accoya wood mobile bench doesn’t come cheap, though. it will set you back at €1,140 (about US$1,583) and is available on Weltevree web store. it’s going to be hard to justify the initial outlay for these benches, but i guess it all comes down to whether you prefer to pay for labor to deploy the benches or getting the easy-to-move solution. regardless, we like the simplicity of the design.

Weltevree Wheelbench image1 580x400px

Weltevree Wheelbench image2 580x400px

via Inhabitat

Samsung shows off new solar-powered transparent LCD

Samsung Transparent LCD Display prototype
(photos: Patrick H)

there are two amazing innovations in this new 46-inch prototype from Samsung. firstly, it is completely solar powered and its low power consumption means ambient light is all it takes to power this LCD TV. secondly, the screen is completely transparent and therefore, it harness the ability to display images on the screens while objects behind is still visible. though, the objects behind could be a distraction to the screen user but it could find useful applications in other area such as head-up display for vehicles, storefront displays et cetera. the storefront display concepts is pretty, obvious cool. just imagine passing a store window and checking out the products, while the window shows snippets of your promotional items or today’s special. if that ain’t cool, i don’t know what is. did we mentioned that the screen is multitouch too? Continue reading Samsung shows off new solar-powered transparent LCD

eco-ideas: turn your Soda bottle into power-free light bulbs

Soda bottle light bulb 544x311px
(image credit: YouTube video)

in certain situation, a room might just be still dark during the day due to (possibly) lack of windows. rather than installing lightings, this man decided to go with a more environmentally friendly approach – by using a water-filled soda bottle. to start off, this ain’t a new news, it was featured back in 2008 by some blogs but we thought it is a worthy news, especially with the rising oil price which could drive the electricity rates up further. the process of creating this free light is really quite fool-proof. all you need is to top up the soda bottle with clear water, topped with 2 capful of bleach to keep those nasty microorganisms built up at bay and stuck a film canister to protect the cap of the bottle from the harmful sunlight. once done, install them on your roof, with part of the bottle exposed outside, of course.

needless to say, proper weather proofing should be done around the bottle to keep the elements out. of course, this method would only work if there’s no ceiling in between. which means it would be an ideal way to light up standalone sheds or outhouses which are not hooked up to the grid. anyway, it turns out that this ingenious method of lighting is capable of putting out the equivalent of a 50 watt incandescent light bulb. not bad at all. check out the video after the jump.

via Hack A Day

what follows this DeLorean is another DeLorean hot on its heel

Delorean with DeLorean Trailer 544x311px
(image credit: Gizmodo)

this an example of making good use of spares. spotted on the road was a DeLorean DMC-12 with, what appeared to be another DMC-12 hot on its heels but it turns out be a trailer that was created out of the DeLorean spares. this could be an idea too late as Doc could have use this extra space to tow back the stuff he collected from the future. right, Doc? Doc, you reading this? i was blessed to have the opportunity to sit inside of this fine brushed stainless steel example a couple of years ago and it delights me to see a trailer version too. though, i probably won’t be able to own one (the car and the trailer) myself. check out the license plate on the trailer ‘De Tail‘…hmmm i like! Continue reading what follows this DeLorean is another DeLorean hot on its heel

wonder what is a placebo effect and how does it really works?

Placebo Effect 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video by mike)

i thought this informational video regarding Placebo effect was a really good one. if you have been wondering what and how a Placebo effect really works, take a look at the video after the jump. it is light humored and well, informational. for those who had experienced with Placebo effect, how does it work for you? in fact, i would think Placebo effect is around us as we go about our daily routine. perhaps, it even took effect without us noticing it was placebo at play. now, that’s a clever way of claiming rights. isn’t?

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Balloons lifted this house, just like the animation Up

National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP main 544x668px
(image credit: National Geographic Channel)

remember as a child, your parents used to tell you stuff like “it’s just a movie, it’s not possible in real life” or maybe “it’s all make believe”? however much i like to believe in my parents, this project undertook by National Geographic just blew that concept away. last week, National Geographic teamed up with some scientists to launch a 18-foot tall, 16-foot by 16-foot house into the air by the power of 300 eight-foot weather balloons, imitating closely to the Pixar Studio movie, Up – except this time, Grandpa Carl Fredricksen wasn’t on board.

the flying house reached an altitude of over 10,000 feet and flew for approximately an hour. the whole event was filmed and will be part of a new National Geographic Channel series called “How Hard Can It Be?” which is set to premiere in fall 2011. check out some images of the proceeding below.

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National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 428x640px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 428x640px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 428x640px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px National Geographic Channel "How Hard Can It Be" UP 640x428px

My Modern Met via DVICE

ever wonder how does the world’s first hybrid auto looks like?

Porsche Semper Vivus 544x399px
(image credit: Porsche)

curious car tech enthusiasts might be wondering when was the first hybrid automobile ever built? apparently, it turns out to be Porsche and it was in the year 1900. dubbed the ‘Semper Vivus‘ (‘always alive’), this serial hybrid drive automobile has two engines charging the batteries and the Porsche electric hub motors provides the drive power. check out the protruding hub at the front wheels. well, i supposed it looks kind of futuristic for a piece of 1900s machine, albeit still looking like a horse carriage in general. it took Porsche four years to recreate this ground breaking innovation by Ferdinard Porsche and since its recreation, it has graced the recent Geneva Motor Show. the recreated Semper Vivus is destined to be part of the collection in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Continue reading ever wonder how does the world’s first hybrid auto looks like?

WALdock, iPod speaker that takes up a little space

WALdock main 544x368px
(image credit: WALdock/Hern Kim) WALdock Wall Plug-in Speaker for iPhone/iPod | US$59.00 |

there are products that just so straight to the point that they need no or little introduction, like this compact single speaker iPod speaker here. dubbed the WALdock, this iPod speaker plugs direct into your wall socket and you have one one nifty gadget that amplifies your music and charges your iPhone/iPod at the same time while taking up a space slightly bigger than a single wall socket. the rapid development prototype is looking good and the best part is, it comes with a built-in battery which allows this little speaker to be used virtually anywhere. cool.

Hern Kim is the designer behind the WALdock and he’s currently appealing for support to make the WALdock a reality via Kickstarter page. if you are keen in getting your hands on one, head on down to his Kickstarter page and make your pledge. a minimum pledge of $59 will get yourself one WALdock. though, no color options are mentioned.

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WALdock image1 640x450px WALdock image2 640x450px WALdock image3 640x450px WALdock image4 640x450px

Peel lets you discover and control your TV programming

The Peel Universal Remote 544x311px
Peel Universal Remote | US$99.95 |

Peel is not the first universal remote that’s designed for use with iPhone, but it’s the first that looks cute and perhaps, making your cable UI looks a little more presentable, if not more stunning. as with all universal remote for iPhone, the Peel, is in fact a go-between between your IR-commanded devices and your WiFi/Bluetooth enabled iPhone. Continue reading Peel lets you discover and control your TV programming

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