spiral ink refill doubles your ballpoint pen ink capacity

T&T Pen-ink Chamber 544x358px
(credit: Han Chi-hoon, Kim Yeon-soo, Park Byong-gon & Kim Sung-geun)

now, here’s a concept design that will double dose your ink in your typical ball point pen. however, not without assuming two things: one, you are serial writer who still uses pen and paper even in this digital age, and two, your ink tube works flawlessly in dispensing ink to the ball point.
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these bunch of designers proposed that spiraling the ink tube will double your ink amount, hence doubling the usage. brilliant idea? probably. then again, how many time have you thrown away a ball point pen when there is still ink in the tube but unable to write due to faulty ball point? countless. perhaps, we should address the ball point dispensing part as well, else, double or triple the ink quantity will also be quite redundant. don’t you think so?

like i said, nice idea. whether it is all that practical is all together another matter. that’s the beauty of concept, isn’t it?

T&T Pen-ink Chamber 544x700px

via Yanko Design

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